Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Henry - 10 Months

Hard to believe this was my baby boy 9 months ago
(I love that my favorite boss, Rex, says he looks like he is headed straight for Betty Ford when he sees this picture...crack me up.)
And this is my little buddy today!

He is full of life.
Never a dull moment with Henry Patton.
What a blessing he is and what a blur the last 10 months are at times. Ha! I get tears in my eyes sometimes (Randall says "alot") when I think of how fast it has flown by. I soak up each day and try to etch it in my heart.

I had to add this little picture.
David and Daniel wore this outfit (Julie's 9 year old twins). She willed it to us. Henry is too big to wear it much but I had to put it on him for a photo. I see D & D's bald heads when I look at Henry in this outfit. Too cute!



Kelley said...

It is so hard to believe he is 10 months old. He is such a cutie pie. I love the heirloom outfit.

RockiesRazorback said...

Abby, he is seriously one of the most precious little boys I've ever seen! I love coming over here to read about your adventures and see pictures of him! Can't believe he's so big already.