Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fun day Thursday

Today we went to our local state park for a homeschool field trip.

Except that when you homeschool, every trip we make can be a field trip!

The park interpreter, Jessica, taught us about the local wildlife, fish, and owls. She even let the kids dig through bat throw up and look for bones in it. Gross!

The kids loved it! We got to do a little hiking, they got to be creative and they got to be outside. Whats better than that?

It was a beautiful day, just the right temperature. We had a picnic. There were quite a few of us there, so we had a boy picnic table, a girl picnic table, and an adult table. What fun! And then the kids buried each other under the rocks on the playground.

What fun!! What did you do fun today?



Kelley said...

We went on a field trip on Wed. It was to a barnyard and petting zoo. It was a lot of fun.