Sunday, October 10, 2010

Whew, What A Weekend

My sweet Mama came to see us this weekend.
I was so glad. Henry was so happy to have his Marmie at his house to play with him, despite his Croup. She and Henry have a special little bond. Marmie and Henry became fast buddies the night he came home from the hospital. I promise you that child remembers! He had not seen Mama in two months and it was a sight to see how he melted right into her. He is not normally that way with people he does not have constant contact with. I love it!

I also have to say that "Nana" is one of his few words. Nana is in-love with it, of course. He is making the sound and not actually calling her name. We will pretend though....we will pretend, Nana! :) Henry is a blessed little boy to have such sweet Godly women in his life who make a point to bond with him. It makes his Mama smile.

Henry has been giving his Mama a time this weekend! He is SO Croupy, still! We had to go back to the doctor today and have a chest x-ray and get blood work done. He also got a shot. That baby was a trooper though. I pray this next round of meds will help him kick this ole stuff to the curb. It is wicked! He is still playful, but pitiful. I am also still a bit playful, but pitiful! His Mama needs a nap...and so does his Daddy!


kathy said...

Bless his little heart....I loved
being at your house this weekend. I also loved that Henry took right to me. I hope he gets to feeling better for him and for you and Randall

Kelley said...

Hope Henry is better soon and that you can rest. Love the picture of you and Henry.