Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Soul Sisters

Julie is in my town this week...whoo hoo! She invited me to hang out with the pastor's wives on Monday and we were able to get a hug and a fun picture with our blog friend, Judy. She is the mother of the infamous, Kelly of Kelly's Korner. She was as genuine and sweet and she appears on her blog. We loved meeting you in person, Judy!

Julie invited me to a luncheon with all these ladies. It was fun to be apart of Julie's world for a bit. I know nothing about being a preachers wife other than watching my Meemaw and now my sister. I enjoyed getting to meet other women like my sister and understand her world a bit more. I love that she reads the Bible on her Kindle...only Julie!

Julie has such a heart for ministry. I loved listening to her share bits and pieces of her testimony to these women. She was so real, funny and loving. It made me so proud to call her mine!

Julie's Friend Lisa came from another state to speak to the ladies in this fine group. I loved meeting her in person. She was a lot of fun and such a delight to visit with. She came to my house to meet Henry before we took her back to the airport in Memphis. Henry is rather famous from this blog and my Facebook page. Bless it. I thought it was so cute when he went right to her, but cried when Juju tried to take him. So funny!

Having a few days to love on my sweet sister has been a blessing this week. I hate the Fab Four is not here with us, but I am getting over it...slowly! ha. Henry loves having his aunt and uncle all to himself and they are loving having their only nephew to themselves. It is fun times!



Amanda M. said...

Have a wonderful time, ladies! You remind me so much of my sister and me. I <3 that!

Kelley said...

AWW I love the pictures of you two. Those are great! I bet you have had a blast together. I bet it was fun meeting Judy too.

His Doorkeeper said...

Julie and Abby,
It was just the greatest fun meeting you two sweet girls! Julie, you did a GREAT job on the women's luncheon and program! Loved hearing Lisa too...It was good for all us "preacher's wives" to be there!!

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

Ha! I wrote the post on my blog in a hurry this afternoon and just edited a few little details I realized I had left out. One was how excited I was that Henry came to me and now I'm reading you saying the same thing..lolol Definitely one of the highlights of my trip!

I loved hanging out with you girls so much. Just wish the time had been longer. Love you Sisters!