Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ode To Fall

This is my absolute favorite time of the year. I love fall! November is my favorite month, and we are getting awfully close to it. I just can't wait.

The sad thing is, we are still wearing shorts and flip-flops around here. It is so warm. I love to drink hot chocolate at high school football games, but it hasn't been cold enough for that yet, and there are only 3 games left!! I'm hoping for some post-season games though. Have I told you before about my love for high-school football? I love it. The parents, the coaches, the players, the band and cheerleaders. I love it all. At times, after the schools alma mater is played Stephen and I sing the NHS alma-mater just for old times sake. ( And for you BIC folks, we've begun singing the BIC alma mater too. Go Mustangs!!)

Because of the lack of rain in September and October our county has a burn ban. So there are no camp-fires, no roasted marshmallows. But thats ok, because who wants to roast a marshmallow with shorts and flip-flops on?

This has also become my busiest time of the year. I took over the cubmaster position for our town's cub scouts last year. The fundraiser for the cub scouts is popcorn and it is sold in September and October, with the order being place towards the end of October. So, all orders come to me, I sort them out and place the order. It doesn't sound like much but then I add...

I'm also on the team that puts together the Minister's Wives Luncheon for the state minister's wives. It is also held at the end of October or first of November. This year it will be held next Monday, in Jonesboro!! (Imagine my delight to get to hold my Henry! I just can't wait. And to spend time with Abby. God was smiling at me the day this all came about!) So, I am busy tying up loose ends with it. Because we are so kind, we take registration up to the. very.last.minute, so women are still registering and this year looks to be a banner year! We are so excited!!

I'm also teaching the kids, cleaning my house (maybe or maybe not), teaching my Sunday School class, teaching the Sparks class in AWANA, and reviewing products for a homeschool website.

Can I just tell you that I love the busy-ness of it. The chaotic, and hectic-ness of it not so much. But it comes with the territory, as my mom would say.

Are you loving fall? Are you staying busy? Do you want to come to the Minister's Wives Luncheon? My bloggy friend Lisa McKay is speaking, its going to be great!!



Kelley said...

I love fall too. I am a cubbie leader in Awana. That is keeping me pretty busy.