Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Two Famous Questions

"What names do you have picked out"

Well, none at the moment. We always wanted Dixie & Dalton. It has been a standing joke amongst family and friends that those are our names. In fact, I have a monogrammed bib with "Dalton" on it that my sweet sister bought for quarter at a thrift store in Florida about three or four years ago. Since Patrick Swazye has ruined that name for us ("The name is Dalton..." from Roadhouse) we will not go this route. I have also realized there are a lot of rowdy/rough boys in this area with that name and I would rather not make people think my child is from the rowdy crowd. We all know how so many people play the name association game...especially teachers. I would rather not set my boy up for trouble!

Dixie has been a hot/cold name game with us over the past six years. The name Dixie L was discovered by my sweet husband on a headstone next to my grandfather's stone at the National Cemetery back home. Randall loved it, I hated it, I then loved it, he hated it, and on and on and on and on for the past six years. We watched a lot of people turn there noses up at it when mentioned and then we realized how the first and last name would sound together. The negative and redneck connotation it gives off is not so good, so no Dixie Jo L after all. So sad, because some of you really know how I just loved the idea of it. Oh well maybe we can get a dog and name her that.

We will discuss names when we find out the sex next week. Did you know that Julie never named her kids until they were born. Maybe that will happen to me...who knows. I am excited about Randall and I naming our child together, making that decision together, and then sharing it with our friends and family.

"What do you think it is. You must have a feeling if it is a boy or a girl"

I honestly do not have a feeling and neither does Randall. He kids that it is a boy but he really does not have a feeling, either way. People are always telling me how they knew they were having a boy or a girl. I guess I am odd or have no feelings because I don't have a clue!

So......What do YOU think it is????

Comment and let us know. We will see how many think it is a boy and how many think it is a girl. It will be fun. Then, next Friday you can come back and see if you were right!

Will Julie be a boy aunt or a girl aunt???
Will I be a boy mom or a girl mom???
8 more days until we know!



Sisters said...

First of all. I STOLE the bib from a thrift store in Florida. My preachers wife friend went back and paid the quarter. (I didn't realize I had walked out with it, I'm clepto like that! JK!)
Second of all. I love the idea of keeping the name a secret. I wanted everyone to know what we were having so they could buy the approiate gift. So, the name was really all we had left to ourselves. And then we never could come up with a "for sure" name until hours before the baby was born. We're spontanious like that!

Kelley said...

I am going to take a guess and say it is a girl. I thought I was having a boy and then we found out the baby was a girl. We had a few names that we liked. We decided on Mary-Kate. My grandmother's name was Mary Kathryn. So I have a Mary Kathryn too. We just call her Mary-Kate. It is really a silly story, but I'll tell you anyway. When we saw MK's ultra sound it looked like she had a big foot. I said, my grandmother had big feet. My husband's mom was with us. She said, "You should name this baby after her." We thought about it and we did. My little one looks a lot like my grandmother and she does have big feet.

Jodi said...

A good piece of advice I have for moms to be is that when you pick out a baby name - keep it to yourself!!

I made the mistake with our 3rd child of telling others the name we had picked, only to my surprise to have everyone and their mother give me opinions on the name, and some were not-so-nice comments. So, from then on...we chose another name, and then kept it to ourselves til she was born!

I think Julie's gonna be a girl-aunt:)

Amanda said...

I have a strong feeling it is a boy. We will see.

Lindsey Watson said...

Well, you know Edna thinks it's a girl. And Edna has a strong history of correct intuition, so I'm not going to bet against her. :)

And I think the names "lindsey" or "Faith" are both beautiful. :) Just tossing that out there, you know. lol!!