Sunday, July 12, 2009

Fun with the Twins, the Princess, the Camper and the Sister

It is the simple things in life. Some bubbles and some jets make these sweet little look alikes go crazy. I loved it when they said "This is better than the one at Branson!" Not sure what that meant exactly, but it sounded like a good deal. I kept them from spraying the walls with the jets and then had to wash their hair because there were too many bubbles in the tub for them to do it alone. It brought back great memories of boys screaming bloody murder in the tub when the cup of water was poured on their little heads. This time, 7 years later, they laughed at it. Oh me, they are getting so big and it makes me so proud.
I am so glad these 4 little blessings came to my house last week. We had great fun at the house, the nature center, the water park and of course.....going with the mother of these 3 to stalk their oldest brother at camp. What a fun time for all involved...even the little camper who said (when he was picked up from camp by all of us), " I saw you watching me play football Mom. It made me smile." It made Aunt Abby gag a little.
And, I know what she hid. Mother told her how much I hated this sick little game and she made her tell me what she hid. I love the Mama!



Anonymous said...

Why did watching my grandson play football make you gag, Aunt Abby.
Do you want the boy to grow up and become a communist or worst, like the President of the United States ?