Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Baby Mania

I feel like my brain may explode with all the thoughts, ideas and to-dos when it comes to getting ready for Baby L. My Newcomer's group held our monthly gathering at a children's store full of furniture and accessories. It was very helpful, yet I did leave with sweat on my brow from over joke. Everyone is so nice to giving me their opinion on what I need, what I don't need, where to get this and that, and so on and ahhhhh, Calgon take me away! I love the input and advice but sometimes I want to scream from the information overload.
I could not sleep in the night tonight due to heartburn and my mind racing about what fabric to buy for the bedding. Yes, insane. Anyway, I got out my Babywise book and started reading it, finally. It helped calm me a bit. I am reminded that Baby L could care less if it is sleeping on an towel or in a nice crib with custom bedding made by its I nurture that baby, love that baby and pray for that baby is all that matters. Ah, sweet reality. It is so nice to have a dose of it every now and then.

P.S. 2 weeks until we know if Baby L is a prince a princess. What do you think it is? (This is my way of asking you to comment and promote reader participation here on our quaint little blog)



kathy said...

this is almost like planning a wedding. so much to think about and so much to get excited about. you will have so much fun planning all this out. just watch out for the indigestion and what might be causing it ok?

Kelley said...

I have been a reader of your blog for a long time, but haven't commented. I had heart burn and indigestion with my daughter. I teach school and one day I went to the nurse because I wanted her to check my blood pressure. I told her about the heart burn and indigestion I was having. She told me that the baby just had a full head of hair and that is what was causing my discomfort. I thought this must be an old wive's tale. You know what? My daughter was born with a full head of hair. Ha! It can be so overwhelming looking at baby things. When you find out if the baby is a boy or girl, that will help.

RockiesRazorback said...

I think it's a boy. I have no idea why, but that's just what I've imagined ever since you announced your pregnancy! Hope you get some good rest and relaxation soon!

Anonymous said...

It will be a girl. I had a vision that Samuel, Daniel, and David were playing football and two girls, Anna and another little beauty, were on the sideline cheering. The other one had to be little "BOBITA LEE".

Genia said...

I think its a girl with your big eyes.

Jodi said...

I'm guessing girl, and I think she will look as beautiful as you.

Should you have a boy..I'm going to say he will be a handsome sweet boy that looks like you too.

I'm enjoying following your pregnancy through the blog. Wish we could have met before I left Arkansas :(

Lindsey Watson said...

well, just mark your holiday card off your to-do list!!!!!!!