Wednesday, July 8, 2009

He's Alive and Well

Samuel is at Centri-Kid camp this week.

I won his registration on the Parent Life blog. He is with FBC Pine Bluff and knew absolutely NO ONE when he left with them Monday morning.

As a mother who is with her children 24/7 it was a little much to take.

We had each prayed about him going.

Monday morning before I dropped him off we had to stop by Walmart and pick up some Nutter-Butters (because Stephen ate all the ones I had already bought). While we were there, and walking through the store I prayed out loud for Samuel.

Samuel likes to hear me pray for him. I guess it is reassuring for him to know that I care enough to pray and that he gets to hear me. I guess it is really that way for all of us. We would love to hear someone pray for us in a time of need.

So, back to the story.

I decided when we chose to send him to Centri-Kid at ASU that the other kids and I would head to Jonesboro and stay with Abby and visit old friends. (And check on Samuel from time to time!) So that is where we are. Abby, the kids and I went to see him last night.

He looked tall and handsome and all boy! It was good to see him, but I think that one visit may have done it for both of us. I'm not sure that he wants us around anymore.

That will be fine. I don't mind. The kid has to grow up sometime. Might as well be when he's 11 and going in the 6th grade.

Even though I was 23 when I grew up! Just kidding, I was 19!

I'm going to visit old friends today. Not old in age. And not even old in length of time I've known them in the grand scheme of things. OK!

I'm going to visit friends today.

And I might drive by the campus and see if I can steal a glimpse of Samuel.

Because I'm his mom and he will never be too grown up!



Anonymous said...

I can assure you the boy will be fine. I understand he has already won the hearts of 3 or four girls there. I don't think you have anything to worry about. He's a P.K. so he will be fine. And, that advice comes from another P.K. So, Mom, I guess you are really worried now. Huh ?
Yo Daddy