Wednesday, July 29, 2009

....greetings from camp... (and a disclaimer!)

So, this week I am at childrens camp.

We are at COW week. Now, doesn't that just make you feel skinny?! (COW-Children only week)So there are about 900 3rd-6th graders and a few adults sprinkled amongst them. Not too many to dampen their energy or their little pranks though!

Anna is with us. She and D&D and I are staying in a family unit. Which is not to be confused with a hotel room at all. AT ALL!!! It is a small room with 4 twin beds, a sink, and its only saving grace a dresser! I love me a dresser! Oh yeah, there is also a shower and toilet, but please, this is a famnily kind of blog!

Anna has had a couple of funny statements this week. Last night we were standing outside waiting on the kids to join up with us Anna said
"these bugs are all around me!"
" the bugs talk to me at night in bed"
I said, surprised!"the bugs talk to you?"
she said matter of factly "yes!"
I said "what do they say?"
she said" I don't know! I don't talk bug talk"
Well that was good to know.

I won't bore you with the other Anna story but suffice it to say it was par for the course for her. She is quite the funny one.

We are half way through camp! Hallelujah, anyone?
I am almost looking forward to my date with the laundramat Friday night.

I need to wrap this up so that I can go stand in line for supper. The fact that I am standing in line for supper should in no way make you think that it is yummy, it is just because as an adult here, I get to eat before the kids. And I take advantage of that!

Before I go, let me say that I WHOLEHEARTDLY DISAPPROVE of the picture Abby posted for the blog hop. The next picture will be one that I approve of and one that Abby disappoves of. Get ready, it should be great fun!!!



Anonymous said...

Tell Anna that her Mom and Aunt Abby used to talk back to the she is making progress. I'm proud of her.
Anna's Granddaddy

Jodi said...

Anna is such a cutie. I just love her, and I miss her smiling face. She was just starting to be friendly towards me before we moved. :(

The camp story really cracked me up, I could hear your voice the whole time I was reading it. Have fun on your date at the laundromat, lol.

Can't wait to see the picture you post!