Monday, July 13, 2009

A conversation between sisters

In an effort of full disclosure. I have decided to post a few emails between Abby and I on Tuesday. It began with this comment I posted on a blog:

For the record. I did not approve this picture to be seen by all of America and beyond.I'm not sure it was a sisterly thing to do. And Abby should know that I will get her back in a big bad way!!! Julie

The following are the emails we sent back and forth.
(Abbys will be in a dull black, mine will be in a beautiful pink.)

Maybe you learn to post to our blog and not leave it up to me! I think the pic is provides us new readers and the picture is a reflection of us...which is what our blog is about. Sorry you don't like it. I can delete it?

Heck no! There is no reason to delete it. It just isn't the best picture of me, but who cares! I was just joking.

your best be nice to me or I will put ice in your sheets.

I'll hide things from you and move all of your pictures around!

so, you took our blog off your signature too? Tell me when you are ready to not do it anymore with me...(this is in regard to my email signature. I have my other blog as my signature instead of this blog)

I change it up from time to time!Lay off!

I think that coexisting with my niece/nephew is making you grouchy! don't like sharing a blog with me."coexisting"...really? What big words.

This is just one day in the life of us as sisters. There are many other days like this, but I decided to post this one because I thought it was funny.
And she didn't put ice in my sheets! THANK HEAVENS!!!



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between Abby and me