Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pink or Blue

Tomorrow is the day we find out if our home will be filled with pink or blue!
I am so anxious I could not eat much today and was unable to focus on too much. I can hardly wait to know if I will be buying ball caps or bows!
Julie has plans to hit A&E as soon as I call her with the news to pick up things she has had her eye on, Mama plans to hit the stores tomorrow night and start buying things gender specific, Diana has bids out on EBay and is waiting to know which ones to increase... and who knows who all else is waiting to jump on things....I just love the excitement everyone has for this baby. I feel like the race is about to start and I have that nervous stomach you get before the gun goes off. Wow.



Jodi said...

Blessings! I can't wait to share in your news! And lucky Julie gets to go to A&Es. Have fun!

Kelley said...