Friday, July 24, 2009

Parenting Practice

When I think about it, I think we have both had good parenting least as much practice as one can get. I am not sure you are ever fully prepared.

Having been around my 3 nephews, my cousin Claire and my niece Anna as babies, toddlers and now children...I feel like I am their parent at times! My sister and cousin Hollye have taught me well when it comes to parenting. Julie has taught me the most efficient ways to get things accomplished and Hollye has taught me how to juggle a career and a family. Both are most helpful to me as I prepare to bring Baby L into this world.

Randall came along after the boys and Claire were born. Claire had a huge crush on him when he came into my life...she melted for him. It was hilarious. She was 1 and so were the twins, David & Daniel. Samuel just thought he was too cool. Randall didn't really know what to think or do with the kids but since these children had my heart, he had to learn fast! Anna came along after we got married and he caught on a bit better. She sealed the deal for sure. He was hooked. I loved the night my Mom called and said Randall had come to meet Anna (the week she was born) and he had not told me he was going. I melted. His affection may not be loud but it is thick. I can't wait to watch him love our baby.



Anonymous said...

RWL will be a fantastic father. No doubt about it.
RWL's Father-in-Law.