Thursday, July 2, 2009

Some Of My Favorite things...At Least At The Moment

I thought I would post some of my favorite things right now. It is most random, but I am pretty here goes:

Hot rollers are my friend again. The pregnancy hormones are doing weird things to the hair these days so back to the ole hot roller we go! I love it.

No, this is not me or Randall, nor is it anyone we know. It is a photo I got off the Internet. We do have this pool though....and shamefully, I love it. Not knowing anyone with a pool in this town, nor being the "country club wanna-be up with the jones" type people, was going to make for a long and very white summer. I am still pretty white, but I am working on the tan in my little blue blow up pool. I sure miss the summers at the Takei's and at Ms. Jenny's pool. Ahhh....the memories. Melissa was kind enough to send me a picture of the pool today at Ms. Jenny's and say "wish you were here"....I am hanging tight in my blue blow up ain't no thing!

These are the cookbooks that make meal time great at the L house these days. I know the women in my family will gasp that the red & white check cookbook is not in this picture. I don't just love it so much, sorry. Maybe I will grow fonder of it with time. Anyway, the one on the stand is one of my "fru-fru" books, the laminated one is our family cookbook and the other is Bell's Best that my Great Aunt Julia gave me for a wedding gift and it is honestly my favorite, aside from the family book. I have a cabinet full of cookbooks and these are the ones I go to the most. I wish I was more loyal to all of the books, but I play favorites.

Completed scrapbooks make me happy and these days there are more NOT completed than completed. It is my current goal to finish the ones that need to be finished before summer's end. I just haven't had the drive or motivation for my hobbies or crafts lately. I hope it comes back to me real soon!

Not a pretty picture, but is a fan on a stand ever pretty? No. This fan is getting me through the night though and for that it is attractive to me! I have been so hot and at night I get extra hot. The ceiling fan was not cutting it, so this puppy blows right on me all night long. I love the sound and the breeze and I am sleeping much better because of it.

Summer's harvest. I love this time of year because it means tomatoes, peaches and other great picks. I like sharing and trading fresh produce with co-workers and friends. It makes life seem simple and pure, if only for a brief moment. I am such an old soul, I know.

And at last, my summer sandals. I love these 4 picks. They are my summer staples. I have many sandals, yet these are the 4 I find on my feet each day. I honestly look forward to wearing them. For a few summers I went without caring about shoes but the sandal fetish is back this summer in full force. I think it is because I am trying to accessorize more to cover up this growing body. Whatever it is, these are my top 4 and you will see me in one of them each day, more than likely.



Anonymous said...

I'm so sad that my cookbook wasn't in the picture. Oh well maybe you haven't explored it yet. It has lots of good recipes. Just kidding.
Love ya