Monday, March 31, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

My fellow blogger and friend, Mandy has tagged me to do a six word memoir of myself. So here goes:


Now it is my turn to tag five bloggers and lay out the rules!!!

1. Tori
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Here are the rules:
1. Use six words to describe yourself.
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Jules- she tagged you too!
Happy Tagging!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Monkey: Found!

Yep, a monkey replacement has been discovered and I am going to be the proud owner of it in 5 days! Thanks to the lost plush animals website, the monkey was located. No, it is not my original, but it is identical and in better shape than mine was.

I am in J'boro with Rand and will leave tomorrow after a job interview. We have had a fun weekend of house hunting and eating. That is basically all we have done since I got here on Friday. Friday night we had a surprise visit from our family from Fair Oaks. We went to eat with them and had a fun time watching the guys play redneck games in the hunting and auto section of Wal-Mart. I tell ya, there is nothing like a Wal-Mart in North East Arkansas on a Friday night.

Finding a house here is going to be tougher than we thought. We have caviar taste on a sardine budget. I would love it if you would please pray our home sells soon and that we can find the home God has for us in the J'boro area.


Friday, March 28, 2008

Happy Blogiversary To Us!

Exactly 1 year ago today we started this blog!
I hope you have enjoyed this past year as much as we have. Sharing our lives together among family & friends has proven to be a fun journey. Here is our very first post from 1 year ago today.

So, here we are creating a blog together after 28 years of sisterhood. We have often talked about writing a book, a cookbook, etc but who has the time and how do you do that when you live so far away from one another?

So Jules said, " Let's write a blog!"

We always have some great thought we want to share with one another and of course we feel it is noteworthy enough to be shared for everyone to read. You may laugh at us, cry with us, celebrate with us or even shake your heads at us...but that is what blogging is all about. We are excited about publishing our daily journey with you. So, put us in your favorites and stop by and see us often.

One of my favorite songs, Fellow Traveler has a verse that defines our paths so beautifully:

"You can't change who I am or the way that I think
I can't change how you live or the words that you speak
But neither one of us is a stranger to joy or pain
No matter how we're different we're very much the same"

Welcome to our journey!


Dentists and mothers

I took the boys to the dentist Tuesday. The hygenist called David back first and I told her that he had a loose tooth. When he came back to me-this is how he looked. No wonder I could hear him crying. Poor thing, but the tooth fairy came, so all is well again. Samuel also had a loose tooth, but I didn't get a chance to let them know that because I was consoling his brother. Samuel came back to me with all of his teeth in tact. He said he didn't dare tell them he had a loose tooth! It pays to go last at the dentist!!!

While at the dentist I was reminded that Anna's mother lived nearby.
Anna's mother(movver) is an imaginary person. It is not me, or anyone else that we know. At
times Anna's mother has been in Star City, but I've not ever seen her.
When we left the dentist I asked Anna to show me where her mother lived and she took me right to a house that we had only seen one other time. Scary! Last night Anna came up to me and hugged my legs( I do love that!) and said "I love these pants!" (They are my flannel pj pants I got from Abby for Christmas) "my movver has some of these!"
Wednesday, Anna announced that it was her mother's birthday. I asked if she was taking a present to the party, she rolled her eyes at me and put her hands on her hips(where does she learn this behavior?) and said "I'm making her these cards!" I thought that I would be spending the day chauffeuring my daughter to her imaginary mothers birthday party, but the party got postponed until Saturday!!!

I will address the monkey issue briefly. I'm sorry it got thrown away, but we all must face disappointments handed to us by the most well-intentioned of people. So-lets just let sleeping monkeys lie.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

My Monkey

When I was a little girl my parents bought me a stuffed monkey at Cracker Barrel during one of their trips to Ridgecrest. I cherished that little thing. It had holes in its nose, mouth and ears and you cold stick its fingers and toes in the holes. It was great.
When Sambo was born, I let Jules borrow it for him to enjoy with the condition I have it returned to me for my kid(s). I was 19 and ignorant and should have thought through the donation a bit more.
I asked Jules a couple of years ago if my monkey was in good keeping. She blew me off and said she wasn't sure where it was but it was around. Well, today I asked her about it and she informed me she lost it a number of years ago. I think she or Stephen threw it away...Stephen has a knack for tossing things (the Raggedy Ann trash Can....Humm-hmmm).
I called my Mama at work and informed her of this tragedy. She has known about it for a few years and searches for a replacement all the time. I am appalled and most sad. Julie best get on the Internet and find me a matching monkey! Mama better not be the only one looking since it isn't her fault it is gone! There are conditions though - it can't be a baby gift for me (and no, there is no bun in my oven), a birthday gift or a Christmas gift. It is payment for losing my most prized toy as a child!
How sad...that poor monkey is rotting in the Woodruff County landfill. What a sad and disappointing death.
I hope Sambo appreciated his time with my monkey as much as I did (I am doubting that though).


Things I Will Miss

I have made a little list of some of the things I will miss when I cross the muddy waters in a few weeks to head back to God's Country. This list is in no specific order. Some are of course humorous and others are things that will definitely pull at my heart's strings.

My Neighbors

Mrs. Rochelle and Mr. Garry have become like family to us. I am going to miss our dinner dates, Diet Coke with a lime wedge over ice when I "sit a spell" at their house, shopping, seeing Cannon and Taylor when they visit, Having Mr. G look after me when Rand is gone, buying us "happies" for no reason and too many other wonderful things to mention.

Germantown Parkway
Driving down this road every morning and every afternoon can drive a woman to drink. I will miss the horn honking, rubber bumping, lane jockeying, endless fender benders and traffic cameras. I may get the shakes thinking about it.


I could cry thinking about not getting my Shishimi and Bang Bang Shrimp when I crave it.


I am going to miss the MATA bus keeping the right turn lane backed up on Poplar and causing my blood pressure to rise and my voice to raise.

Newks Cafe

I am going to miss the awesome Newks Original salad with the shaved chicken...Yum!

Shopping in Byhalia

The complete hog heads in the meat section, Section 8 housing residents hanging out in the parking lot and fighting over parking spaces, expired cake mixes, dust covered can goods and rotten apples. Wow, how I will miss my quick trips to town to pick-up last minute items.


I cannot tell you how much I am going to miss her smile and voice each morning when she rounds the corner in our office. Her laughter, candid personality, straight forwardness, heart of gold, rides in her van, energy, stories, style and love are going to be irreplaceable. She has left a footprint on my heart and I can't imagine what I ever did without her and what I will now do without her when I leave.

The Red Neck Neighbor's Clothes Line

Oh, how I will miss her granny panties hanging from the line every weekend as I look out my kitchen window. I do hope my new home has a fence or a neighbor who uses the dryer.

My Daddy

I don't see my Daddy real often because of our crazy schedules but knowing he is 20 minutes away means a lot. I will miss fixing him dinner and having him help me run errands. I look forward to going to a football game with him in Oxford this Fall. My Daddy is Houston's biggest fan and is not shy about it either.

I am also going to miss my aunt, uncle, cousins, Connie Sue and Randa Jean. It will be different to be in a town without any family.

King Willie

The thought of not being in the king's domain anymore may make me cry tears of joy. I trust I will survive and that WMC-TV will come through live and clear in J'boro and keep me abreast of all the King's illegal activities.

Beale Street

Watching meth-heads and panhandlers perform for money up and down Beale on the weekends is great entertainment. Not that we went down there much yet it was always an option. I will miss people watching and making great memories with my Rand on Beale. I always left with a sore stomach from laughing so hard.

I am sure lots more things will come to mind in the next few weeks. I am excited about the new chapter in my life, yet a bit sad to leave this one behind.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Adoring Hubby

Did anyone read the comments on the More Easter Pics post from the other day? If you did, you were sure to have noticed a post from anonymous. After reading and laughing out loud for a prolonged period of time, I called my "adoring" hubby. When I asked him if he had left the post he told me he didn't even know the web address to our blog, acting all smug like he didn't have the time to read our very tasteful, if not time-wasting blog.

Well, it was him.

And can I just say that I love that man!!! He is caring, loving, kind, dreamy, and an all-around great hubby. I know I hurt his feelings Sunday morning, so to make up for it(well, I think we all know that I will never be able to make up for it) I will wear my Easter frock(which is the little black dress from a few posts back!), my red patent leather shoes, and my cute necklace and earrings, this coming Sunday. That way I will stand out in the crowd of non-Easter dress wearers!
If you are reading this adoring hubby-I love you!!!!
And for all of you that just gagged-go kiss your main squeeze, it will make you feel better!!!


Monday, March 24, 2008

He Moved Out

That sounds sad doesn't it? Rand moved to Jonesboro this morning and took most all his clothes, his XBox, his hats, his shoes, his travel mugs, his snacks, coffee stuff, basically all his everyday stuff. It is really sort of strange to have all that stuff gone and knowing it will never be back here in this home.
I am so happy for my Rand and hope this day has gone as well as he expected. He was not nervous, sad or worried. He was excited and happy. I love that he can start in a new place and a new job confident and full of joy. God has blessed that sweet man so much these past few months.
So, I am here waiting on the real estate agent to put the house up for sale and trying not to make any messes in this way too clean house.
Today I was off work for Easter Monday. I shopped at my favorite store and bought myself 2 new dresses. I then bought b-day clothes for D&D, bought supplies for a diaper cake and made a Sonic drink run. It has been a good and laid back day.
It is pretty quiet here and it is becoming less like home, especially since my Rand moved out. Maybe it is good that I am able to break away slowly. I think God knows that is what is best and I really appreciate his care for me. His blessings amaze me.
Jules has been my little angel today. We have talked too many times to count. I think she expected me to be sad today, but I'm not...not yet anyway. I am excited about the future and just so glad Rand has found his happy place.
I must go run to the post office now. Rand's tennis shoes are in and I missed the delivery. I guess I will have to go see him this weekend and take him his shoes. Now, that sounds like a good plan!


Sunday, March 23, 2008

More Easter pictures

I told you there would be more pictures coming! I am keeping my word.

Yesterday after the boys got home we had an Easter scavenger hunt. The boys looked for a nail, palm leaves, a hammer, sticks, etc... and then we talked about what they had in common and where they each took place in the Easter story. They thought it was fun, and I thought it was educational, we all felt good!
This morning all the kids woke up to baskets outside their bedroom doors. They were so excited! The Easter Bunny(EB) had never done that before, and they liked it. I had to tell Anna that the EB had called and asked me to buy the stuff for the baskets and fill the baskets for him so that I could buy the stuff while she was with me. Then Daniel went in my room last night, opened up the closet door and saw all the EB loot. He told me he thought I probably was the EB, I told him that the EB had dropped everything off at our house and asked for my help. He said "yeah, okay" but I think the only reason he acted like he believed is because he knew if you don't believe you don't get anything!!
So here is the serious Easter picture and then the picture that the kids always ask for- the crazy picture. Next time I'll tell you about the Easter presents!
Remember to pray for Abby and Randall, this is a big transition for them.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

First of many

I'm sure there will many pictures of Easter weekend posted here. This is just the first.

Anna and I are waiting on the boys to get home from their week away, so we made this bunny cake. It isn't the bunny cake that I usually make, I kinda winged it this year, and tried something different. I know I am no competition for Abby, but I gave it a try!!!
Happy Easter!!!

Friday, March 21, 2008


Lest you think I am not the least bit spiritual on this holiday, I wanted to share with you a quote.
I read this on Tori's blog. Tori is on our sidebar, I don't know her-I wish I did, but Abby must know her since she is there. I'm hoping maybe we can be introduced sometime.
ANYWAY! The quote is from Amy Carmichael, a missionary in the early 1900's, a woman I haven't read much of, but will try to do so now.

If a sudden jar can cause me to speak an impatient unloving word, then I know nothing of Calvary's love. For a cup brim full of sweet water cannot spill even one drop of bitter water however suddenly jolted.

Doesn't that just make you think? I mean Easter is real, guys. It was real then, and it is real everyday!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Suddenly One Morning

Passion week is one of my most favorite times of the year. I love to read about every aspect of that sacred week and pick up new truths from it each year. It is amazing that I am able to draw something new from Easter each year after celebrating it for 29 years (20 of which I have been saved by His grace). God is just good that way.

I love this story. Take about 15 minutes, click on the link, sit still and read it. You may already be familiar with this shopkeeper's story or you may not. Either way, read it. I love how it tells the story of our Risen Savior.


Monday, March 17, 2008

"We Just Got HGTV'ed,Baby!"

That was my response when the Realtor left our home this evening. All I can say is, "Wow". I have spent the last week streamlining and depersonalizing our home. We have cleaned everything from top to bottom, painted walls, re grouted floors and washed the outside of the house. The house was pretty clean and in order before all the work.
This real estate lady comes in tonight and spends an hour telling me what to paint, what to pack up, what to rearrange, what to plant and dig up, how to organize my closets, where to put my furniture, etc. Amazing. I was in awe. I thought Rand was going to rip her a new one but she left in time, lucky for her!
I have spent the rest of the evening talking to Mama, Jules, Melissa and my neighbors trying to make sense of all that she told us. I have laughed until it hurts. If you only knew all that she told us to do. Truly comical. I think we will make some of her minor recommendations but the rest will have to remain as is. We aren't renting a storage unit and moving out of a house we have to live in for the time being. People will either want the house or not. Whether my linens are in the right closet or my hydrangea bush is in the right place shouldn't cost us a deal.
Rand says we aren't using that woman to sell our home (you can only imagine what he really said. When she told him to move his grill and to pressure wash his gutters, I thought I was going to have to hold him down. So funny!).
I think I will use her though. She will sell this house before the other agent will. She had passion and that is important. A bit over the top maybe but she was taking it more serious than the agent did on Saturday. We have to choose between the two of them. It is going to be fun trying to decide which one to go with.
I want a sign in the yard by Friday. I am not holding my breath though. Fun times!


I Am Not Wearing Green - I Forgot!

This is Rand’s last week at Stoneville. He has been there for seven years. The other night he mentioned that maybe it was possible that he might have broken a mirror before he started working there. He said it with a straight face and really questioned it in his mind. I laughed out loud. I do love his humor. I am so glad this job has come to pass for him yet, I am so glad at what it has taught him. He waited for the right job to come along before he left this job. This new position is nothing but part of God’s master plan for him. It is most exciting times in our home.
Our home… well, it is not up for sale yet. It is ready for sale but not for sale. We are at the mercy of the relocation company, so we wait. Rand will live in a furnished apartment or extended stay hotel until our house sells. We will then purchase a home in the Jonesboro area. We have our eye on several homes and hope they will still be on the market when it is time to purchase. We had an agent come look at our home over the weekend and she will report back to the relocation company on price, etc. She was very complimentary of our home and said she thought it had great curb appeal and said it was very clean for a four year old house. It better have inside and outside appeal after all the hard work and elbow grease put into it last week. So, we wait.
Pray for us as we wait. Waiting can be the hardest part. Also, pray for my job. Leaving this job is the hardest part of our move. I never dreamed leaving a job would be so difficult. God is good though and I see him already emotionally detaching me from it. I am excited about the new direction God is taking me with the move yet unsure of what the direction might be. The job market is not great in Jonesboro, so pray that something opens up for me in the right timing. Rand and I will also be living apart for an unknown amount of time. That will be tough but nothing we can’t handle after his long trips overseas and his duck hunting passion. God has prepared me for it, I reckon.
This morning I told Rand this was our last week to ride to work together. We only have 3 more days this week. We don’t want to admit it to each other but I think we are both thrilled to not carpool together anymore. We really don’t do mornings well and especially with one another. I think a little alone time in the car is necessary in order to decompress from the workday stress or the early morning rush. I am looking forward to having my radio back!


Sunday, March 16, 2008

Concerts and Silence

It is Sunday morning and it is quiet at my house. The kids are all at Nana and Papa's and my preacher man is at church. I love this kind of quiet. Not for a long period of time, but an hour or so of it really refreshes my soul. Wow!

Last night we went to the Newsboys concert. To say that I dreaded it badly, would be an understatement. We had gotten to Little Rock at 7:15 AM to shop the consignment sale, Papa came and got the kids at about 8:00 and then it was just the two of us until 5:00 that afternoon. We shopped until I dropped! I felt like I was living Abby's life. I could go to any store I wanted, stay as long as I wanted, and not have to worry about taking someone to the bathroom, refereeing fights, or anything of the like. You moms know what I'm talking about.

Back to the concert. It was really great!!!
A group I had never heard of was one of the opening acts. Their name is New World Son, and boy were they good. They have a different sound, one that I just loved. Their lead singer could dance, sing, play and really get the message out that Jesus is Lord. They were not ashamed of the gospel.
Rush of Fools was good too. The Newsboys came out and jammed from the get-go. We saw them for the 1st time 11 years ago and their lead singers energy has not waned from that time. I don't understand it, but I appreciate it. They had one song where the drummers box was lifted up off the stage and then turned around SIDEWAYS and he kept playing. It was the greatest thing!
They had a special time of sharing the gospel to all that were there, and a time for response. A christian concert is so much more than great music and awesome drum tilty-whirl acts, it is a time for Christians to get together and worship God. Thank you Newsboys and New World Son!!!
Now, I must go and see if I can download New World Son songs on my ipod! Happy Palm Sunday and St Patrick's Eve!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Bird Poop and More

Only my Rand would get pooped on by a bird in the middle of Cat Country! We spent the afternoon at the zoo and we had been there no longer than 15 minutes when I hear, "You've got to be kidding me. A bird has just crapped all over my shoulder!" Only Rand. He has the worst luck for someone who doesn't believe in luck.
It was nice to get away from the house and the stress of moving, finding a new job, etc. We went to the zoo one last time. Most everytime we go to the zoo I take a picture in this egg. We figured we probably wouldn't be back there until we were pushing a stroller in a couple of years, so we took full advantage of our freedom today.

We then ate at one of our favorite Italian places in midtown and came back home for one last cleaning. We saved the bedroom for last. We have large and dark furniture in our room and a 64 inch wide arch window. I always dread cleaning it because it is dust central. It is the one room in the house that I just tidy up most of the time and don't deep clean. Well, tonight Rand brought in the shop vac and I got under the bed to get all the dust bunnies. I, like an idiot, put the hose on backwards and everything in the vac blew out the other hole. The room was covered in dust. I couldn't figure out why I was coughing so bad all the sudden and where the sonic salt wrappers came from. Rand then informed me I had just blew out all the trash from his truck and my car! Anyway, after cleaning up that huge mess we are now living in a model home. Really, it is insanely clean. I am a clean freak and this is way too clean for me. It better sale fast!

Happy Spring Break!

If all you guys are wondering why I keep posting and we aren't hearing anything from Abby it is because she is working, working, working!! Poor thing, she is sending her resume to anyone that she can think of, cleaning her house to make it look its absolute best(which I can't imagine would be very hard), and trying to enjoy her week of spring break. So you guys are stuck with me!

This is the last day of school before spring break, we are so excited!! I am making the kids do as much school work as I can today, but I'm not teaching them anything new. I'm sure they would forget anything I taught them today if not reviewed for a week. I know I would.

It looks as if we are headed to Ft Smith for a few days. Stephen hasn't been in a while, and we couldn't think of much else to do for just a couple of days. Saturday, Stephen and I are going to the Newsboys/Rush of Fools concert in Little Rock with a couple from church and their two children. I'll let you know how it is. We haven't seen the Newsboys since I was pregnant with Samuel. It was so loud, I just knew Samuel would have hearing problems after that. I had to stand in the foyer of the church the concert was in because it was so loud, and I wasn't even very old then!HA!

Oh, Anna's dress came in from Kelly's Kids! It is just as cute as I thought it would be. Marmie sent some of the cutest white shoes I've seen to go with it. She is going to be so cute, I just can't wait!!! Papa sent Samuel's pink polo, so we are set now! He looks so nice in pink, what a handsome 10 year old.

Happy spring break to all!!!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

I want highspeed!!

Have any of you checked out hulu? Oh my goodness, how I wish I had highspeed and not just really fast broadband. Go check it out!!!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

19 Dresses

Yesterday I went shopping in Little Rock. The original plan was for me to go by myself, but Stephen decided at the last minute to make a hospital visit, so we all went. And the update on the hospital visit is, she had been discharged!!! I looked at him with disbelief, I could have been on this trip alone!!! I think I will remind him to call before we all leave next time.

So, after dropping off our clothes at the big consignment sale this weekend, we headed off to look for a dress for me. I found a great dress at Kohl's, it fit, it was priced right, and I loved it. Stephen, however, didn't. He suggested we keep looking. So I hid the dress on a different rack. (I know I'm not supposed to do that!). We then went to lunch at Shotgun Dan's pizza. Daniel got a kick out of the name and thought he should have brought his shotgun. It was really good, we will go back there.
Well, back to shopping. We went to the mall, walked by every store, tried on many dresses and left empty-handed. On our way to the interstate I remembered another little shopping center close by, so Stephen turned around(which wasn't easy, but I think he was determined to get me a dress). After looking at 3 other stores and trying on dresses, we went in White House Black Market. I found a dress!!!!!It is black of course, because they only sell white or black, and I wouldn't be caught dead in a white dress! It is pretty, fitting, possibly flattering, and expensive. I don't know that I've ever spent that much on a dress before.
You see, I am cheap! I mean CHEAP!!! I love resale, and consignment shops more than anything, and have been shopping them for 6 years now, since I stopped working and we had more than 1 child. I have found that after buying Crocs for 25 cents and Polo pants for $1.25 it is hard to pay more than $10.00 for something. I think this is the reason Stephen insisted on buying me a dress that was substantial. It was about time for something new to hit my closet that I bought for myself! It feels good, I don't have buyers remorse and I can't wait to wear it! YEA!!!!
I do plan on going back and getting the dress at Kohl's though. It was cute (I think), but I will probably need a second opinion. Anyone up for a shopping trip with me? I promise not to try on 19 dresses again!


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sick Again

I now have a sinus infection, ear infection and a little vomiting issue. I think the vomiting is from the headache pain. Oh me, what a fun Spring Break for me! Between cleaning out closets, scrubbing baseboards, polishing cabinets (all for the move of course and not for my pleasure) and then being sick....heck, I would rather be at work!
A helpful tidbit: When nauseated, don't drink a large freshly squeezed diet lemonade from is not something you want coming back up. Trust me!


Monday, March 10, 2008

Goodbye B-ball, Hello Baseball

YEA!!! We are proud another season of basketball is over. Basketball is not Samuel's favorite sport, but he plays it just because he has been sitting around with no real competition since July and it was about to drive him crazy!! This was his 2nd year to play and he showed some real improvement. He was faster (which isn't saying a whole lot), and made some shots-even free throws! We were proud.
He has played 19 basketball games in his career(the last 2 years) and get this- he has only lost 2 of them, one each year. Isn't that incredible? Neither of the teams have been coached by the same coach nor do they have the same players on them. It was really unreal that he would win 1st place in the league both years, he was the only player to do so. I don't know that this speaks for his talent, but there is a story in there somewhere!! I'm going to go thru all of his schedules and see if I can come up with just how many games he has lost.He has always been on the championship league team, but has never won a region or state tourney.
Baseball season is about to start up, in fact the draft is Friday. Stephen is coaching D&D's team, that will be fun to watch again! I can't wait. I love watching him coach our kids, he is so good at it. Welcome baseball season, we are ready for you!!!


Friday, March 7, 2008

Spring Break Snow

We hustled home this afternoon to have one last Mississippi style snowball fight! I am in awe at how much it has snowed and in disbelief that it is still coming down. Spring Break started this afternoon and it is just insane that it is snowing on spring break! Crazy and fun times!

checkin in w pb&j

Hey! Just wanted to check in and say YEA! It is snowing here!!!
The forecast had been for the western and northern part of the state, so we thought we were slighted, but God saw fit to let it snow here! Thank you, God, for answering the prayers of my children and my prayers too. I don't have pictures, because I haven't played out in it yet, but am on my way outside!

I wanted to tell you about my lunch today. Since it was snowy I thought I would fix something different, but I was the only one that ate it! And man was it good!

A fried peanut butter and jelly sandwich. They have never sounded good to me before, but you grill it just like a grilled cheese sandwich. They peanut butter gets melty and the jelly is warm and drippy. OH MY GOODNESS! It was so good, it is now my favorite sandwich. I will probably have another one when I come in from playing outside. Yummy!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

I was sick too!!!

Because of Abby's posting about how wonderful her parents are, I felt compelled, no commanded to tell my side of the story.
Yes, it is true that we grew up in the same home with the same people, however I don't remember comic books or Osco sacks. I have no recollection of being sick or being comforted as a child. The first time I remember throwing up I was in jr high.
I do remember having horrible stomach problems and going to the doctor as a child and being put on a special diet that required rice flour(which was hard to come by in the 70's in Arkansas), my mom would by special made cookies and my Granny bought rice flour to make her wonderful hot rolls just for me(those hot rolls are a post unto themselves!) So I did get some special treatment, but I don't know if it was as good as Abby's, I'll have to do more thinking about that!!

Now, as a teenager I remember having some GI tests done. Dad and Abby went out to eat the night before, and mother fixed us(mom and me) hot chicken broth in good china bowls with candlelight, it was a gross meal but made quite special by mother. I also remember having to drink that yuck drink that night and me crying and mom rubbing my back lovingy. What a Mom!

A few years later, I went for my first dr appt (girls, you know what I mean) and my Mamaw and Uncle David came up from Texas to sit in the waiting room with me. How sweet it that?! And when I had my laporoscopy, they came back again and sat in the waiting room with mom and dad, again, how sweet is that?
While taking shots to stop my endometriosis I had the worst hot flashes and my mom and dad would make sure that I had a cold wet washcloth on my headboard every night(and I was 20!). And Stephen would endure my need for wet papertowels during a movie (good guy!).

So I remember being comforted by my parents too. And if the stories aren't proof enough, the way I hug, love, kiss, and hold my children when they are sick would be proof! As a child(or teenager in my case) I loved being held & loved on by my parents, but as a parent I love, even more, holding and loving my children when they are sick.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I'm Sick

I have strep throat for the first and hopefully the last time in my life. I feel awful, look awful and am acting pretty awful from what my Rand tells me. I fear he has the same condition, so we made him an appointment in the morning to get his throat checked out. Not fun times for us in this hectic season of our lives.

As I was camping out in my chair tonight with blankets, throat lozenges, diet root beer, phone, remote and Kleenex my mind went back to being at home while growing up and being sick.
It was the best time! Ha. Really though. Mama & Daddy were the poster children for mercy. I loved when I got meant lots of pampering! See, mercy wasn't a gift they possessed on an everyday basis, they saved it for sick days. It was always a treat to get sick, you see.

Daddy would bring me comic books, candy (if it was not a stomach related illness, of course), coloring books, magazines and who knows what else, in an Osco sack usually (the good ole days...I miss Osco on North O Street in the Fort). I must admit that this showing of mercy went on through my college mono spell. Lots of Osco sacks met my bedside. Now Daddy lives near me (of course only for a few more weeks because I am Arkansas bound) and when I had my wisdom teeth removed a couple of years ago he was the milkshake man. I am either a princess or he is full of mercy on sick days. Maybe it's both.

Mama is my favorite nurse. She always made sure I was comfortable and gave me 100% of her attention, whether she felt like it or not (she still does, even 5 hours away). I had pneumonia when I was 5 and I still remember that week of sickness in the back rooms of my mind and I picture her in her blue robe holding me while we watched Seasame Street. That is so cool! Anyway, I got Laryngitis my freshman year of college (At the famous WCC) and I was most sick! I left basketball practice to go to the walk-in clinic at the mall (the old one by Dillard's for all you Central Mall historians). I called Mama from a payphone outside the clinic (before the cellphone frenzy) and she was most angry I was sitting in a waiting room with hacking babies and had not been seen. She was off work and in that office demanding I be seen before I had even had a chance to get comfy in my seat again. I remember her putting me in her car and making the nurse come out to the parking lot to get me. Crack me up!
She was this same type of nurse when I got mono my junior year of college and had to come home on bed rest for 3 weeks. Mama drove to Conway and picked me up at the clinic on campus in a cold rain storm and took me straight to the Fort for reevaluation. She held my head and body up in the ER that week while I puked in a public bathroom. I will forever have that vision in my head of her screaming "Don't lay on that floor. These people in here have all kinds of bad diseases!" (So not funny then, but it is now) She held my hand for all my blood work and wiped every tear those few weeks. She made sure I had crafts to do each week of my mono spell. Michael's made a killing off of her and I made some awesome Christmas ornaments that fall! She also checked on me all day while she worked all day to help take care of my sick and broke self! There are so many occasions I can remember her taking on mercy for me when she didn't feel like it, but she always did it with a smile in her heart. I guess that is what all Mama's do, maybe. Anyway, my Mama was always my protector and defender when I got sick. I miss that selflessness.

This is the most ill I have been in a long, long time and I wish I had a back rub from Mama and a comic book from Daddy (I don't even like comic books, but when I am sick I always want one!) Now, my Rand is a good nurse in his on way. He is not going to go hunt down an Osco to bring me a sack of goodies, nor is he gonna get vocal in the doctor's office for me (can you imagine?!). Yet, he makes sure I take my medicine correctly, have the necessary essentials to get well and he will kiss my forehead when I look pitiful. That is his way of showing mercy and I appreciate his interpretation of the gift.

I do still miss my back rub and my sack of goodies! ha.


Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A cartoon world

At our church we have a childrens story time during the worship service. Jeremy,the youth minister(a single guy, if anyone would like to know) gives all the kids candy and tells them a Bible truth. When Jeremy comes down from the choir to sit on the steps of the podium all the kids get up and run-walk down the aisle to him.

My last words to my 3 are "don't run and don't say anything". I am so nervous that my kids are going to blurt out some family secret that we are going to have to pack up and move as soon as we get home!

This past Sunday was no different. The kids go up there, no running, I was so proud. After handing out their candy, Jeremy asks who their favorite cartoon character is, and my darling, beautiful little girl raises her hand and says "my momma" and then looks back with such pride on her face and points at me. Jeremy laughs and repeats it for any of the hard of hearing adults in the crowd. Just imagine me!

The kids come back to their seats, and Daniel says"Anna said you were a cartoon character!" As if I didn't know and as if the people sitting around me hadn't heard it the first or second time. UGH!!

Fast forward to Sunday night. I had taken down a flyer about an open house at the pregnancy crisis center and put it in my purse. During church, Anna took it out and looked at it. It had 3 pictures on it and one of them was of a blonde lady with a baby. Anna says"thats my mother!"

Aside- Anna talks about her "mother" a lot. This person is not me, when you ask her where her "mother" lives she says "straight then left by the dentist in Pine Bluff." I don't know!

She takes this piece of paper and after church shows people this picture of her "mother". Both at church and at the mexican restaurant after church. She was so proud, she couldn't wait to show her daddy. Me either!!

My only hope that day was that during the childrens time that morning Anna said "my mother" and not "my momma". But we all know the truth, I am living in a cartoon world. And I don't even like cartoons!

Bye-Bye Bunnies

Easter is one of my favorite holidays. The hope and happiness of the season makes me smile. I love to decorate my home for Easter. I usually go all out and leave nothing bare. I love it!
Well, as soon as I put the Easter decor out this year, I find myself putting it away and it isn't even Easter yet! I sort of felt sorry for all my bunnies. They didn't get their time to shine this year. Poor bunnies.

We are trying to get our house ready to sell and we are trying to de-personalize the house to make it more attractive. It is pretty boring if you ask me, but boring seems to sell. We will hope that it works. I do hope to get it on the market in the next couple of weeks. We are waiting on the relocation company to get the ball rolling. (Roll on and roll fast people!)

Rand will start his new job the day after Easter and I will stay here and work until I find a job or my replacement comes on board here at the school. So much to do in such a short time. Pray for us. It is exciting yet a tad bit overwhelming.

So, here is a picture of one of my cute Easter wreaths. It will not be displayed again until next year when it is on the door of our new home.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Wedding Weekend

Here is a slideshow of our wedding weekend in eastern Arkansas. Rand's cousin, Micah got married and it was such a fun occasion. We went on Friday afternoon to take part in the fun wedding weekend. I am posting a slideshow since there are to many pictures to post! Congrats to Tab & Micah and congrats to Diana for making it through these past few months of planning!
Just so you know, we changed clothes at the reception. (In case you are wondering why Rand has on a ball cap and a jacket!)


Sunday, March 2, 2008

I weighed!!

Yesterday we met my in-laws in Little Rock for a tad bit of shopping and a whole lot of eating. While together, they gave us their old set of scales because they got new ones.
Get this!! I weighed on them today to see their accuracy and-are you ready?- I weighed 68 pounds!! I even checked to make sure it said lb beside the number and it did! I haven't weighed 68 pounds since elementary school, so I am thrilled to be back to this weight again!
Oh-if only scales didn't lie!