Thursday, June 20, 2013

Too Much Screen Time

I know you probably think I'm talking about my kids, but I'm talking about myself. I spend way too much time looking at a screen.

Mom and Abby griped at me for the longest about how much time I spent looking at my phone. It was true. I checked Facebook, twitter, and my favorite blogs on my phone. Always.

Now I have an iPad, phone and my Kindle. And I think I've made it clear here that I'm obsessed with tv. It seems like I'm always checking Facebook or twitter or reading, pinning something on Pinterest, or just surfing the web all while the tv is on.  It's crazy.

And what's crazier is that all six of us are this way. When we didn't have satellite we would all sit in the living room on our electronic devices doing our own thing. As strange it sounds, getting satellite actually helped us all focus on the same thing! But it's still a screen! 

As I was sitting outside this evening, while the kids played in the pool I wanted so badly to watch tv, or check social media. It's like I have social media ADD.  

I don't get on to my kids for being on their devices all the time, I don't feel convicted by it right now. Probably because we spend so much time together. If they were at school all day I would want them to be on them less, but since we spend all day together it seems acceptable.

Do you have screen time limits with your kids? Do you have them for yourself?