Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Summer is Here!!!

For five summers we had a pool in our back yard. We started off with the smallest blue inflatable ring pool and as the boys grew the size of our pools grew too. In the five years, we had three pools and loved them. We swam morning, noon, and night. Many memories were made in those pools. It's where all our boys learned to swim.

We moved and joined our neighborhood pool that we could see from our backyard. That was wonderful. But we couldn't swim anytime we wanted. Last year was our first summer in Pine Bluff and we joined a pool. It was fun, but there were daycare kids there everyday and again we couldn't swim anytime we wanted to.

So this year I lobbied for a pool. I lobbied hard. I mean I could get a job in Washington, I was that good. I started early and kept on. Stephen knew that even though I said I would do all the work of cleaning it and keeping it up he would be the one to do the work. It took him a while to finally give in, but he did and we couldn't be more excited. (Well we would be more excited if we had a "real" pool. That would just send me over the moon!!) 

Today is the first day the kids have been in it, because when I say I love a pool, don't think I mean I love to swim. Two different things. The kids like to swim, I like to sit by a body of water and soak up the sun ( yes with sunscreen on.) There were times when baby oil would have been the only thing I lathered on but now the spots on my arms are betraying me and the thought of my grandchildren asking what the huge brown spots on my arm are keeps me buying sunscreen!

I hope you're enjoying your summer, well I guess it's still spring, but you know what I mean!


Kelley said...

Love your pool! We need to get something like that. My oldest daughter is lobbying hard too!

Anonymous said...

The Clampets had a BIG CEMENT POND behind their Beverley Hills Home. And you have BIG PLASTIC POND behind your PINE BLUFF HOME ! Now all you need to do is strike oil like Jed did !