Sunday, June 16, 2013

Our Funny Father

Our dad is a barrel of laughs. If you have ever met him, you know this. He can turn the stickiest, stressful, and even saddest situations into something funny. He taught us both the love of laughter and we both picked up this funny little trait. We laugh...even when it just ain't right to do so! We can embarrass our spouses, our friends and even our extended family. Some don't know how to take us and avoid our outbursts, but we can't help it. We like to laugh. We come by it honest and it cold be worse...just sayin! 

While growing up he would embarrass the fool out of us and he took great pride in doing so. It taught us great humility, for sure, and helped us realize that nothing is above us or beneath us. We can master any situation we are put into. Nothing is too bad for a little sunshine on the face. Laughter is a language we all share. It is also a great coping mechanism. As adult women, we look back and laugh at all those crazy times and appreciate the love he gave us and the laughter he injected into our hearts. There is nothing better than a daddy who laughs, prays and loves.

Happy Father's Day,
we love you the BIGGEST much!