Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Picking Fun

Our little family started a strawberry picking tradition last year. We have a love/hate relationship with making traditions. We swear we are not going to not do it, and then here we are with too many to count!

Henry loved it this year. He would have picked the whole farm if he could have! We bought 2 $12 buckets and filled those up to the rim. It was a nice day and the berries were very pretty and easy to pick. Last year we had to walk around a lot to find good ones. This time it was plentiful.

I loved this photo of Randall and Henry's hands. Henry wants to be just like his daddy and I think that is the finest thing he could ever want to be. When God blessed me with a husband, I never dreamed he would be the best daddy a mama could ever ask for!

Summer is in full swing. We have already started our cookouts and started spray-n-washing Henry's clothes like crazy. I love summer and all it stands for. It may get hot, but the memories are always in abundance. Bring it on!

 Henry had a "first" last weekend. His first s'more. He is a fan...a big sticky sweet faced fan!