Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Barbie Birthday Fun


Henry and I went to Walmart to get a birthday gift for Charlie Kate's birthday. I figured he would be resistant to the girl aisle and it would be a tough shopping trip, but I was wrong. He told me he wanted to get her a Barbie because "She likes Barbies, Mama, because she's a girl!"

Yay for "Chardie Cake's" birthday party! Henry was so excited to take her the Disney Barbie and play. They now live in Benton. At about North Little Rock he sighs and says, "Chardie Cake's house is far, far away!". It was cute. He can say Charlie Kate but I am a bad mom and don't correct him because I like how he says it. I will correct him at some point.

Paige had the ice cream truck come to her party. They drove up playing the Happy  Birthday song. It was so fun. Henry had never seen one in person, so it was big stuff! He walked right up and yelled, "I want the turtle one. THE TURTLE ONE!" It was so funny and made me laugh.

Here he is with the Turtle one. A Ninja Turtle. He was a green mess but loved every lick of it.
He had a cupcake and some kool-aid. He was sugared up. He had a lot of fun playing at her house.

Charlie Kate is having a brother next month. Paige is as beautiful as ever. It was so good to see her new home and see her all settled with her new husband and happy. I love that she is happy. We have been to all 4 of CK's parties. I think we have another Lee family tradition!