Sunday, June 16, 2013

More (Grand) Fathers to love

I was thinking today that we didn't mention our grandfathers this weekend. And we had/have awesome ones!

Papaw is mom's dad. Unfortunately Abby, Sarah and Zach have very few memories of him because they were so young when he died, but I was 13 and have a ton of memories. Papaw was a loving, sweet man. When I look at pictures of him he looks kind of gruff and hard, and he might have been to some, but I remember having fun with him. Laughing and playing, and having to be quiet when golf was on. Ha! He was a good man, I'm proud to have known him and to have been loved by him.

Grandaddy is day's dad. As you know daddy's family adopted me a their own, and Grandaddy led the pack! I always knew he loved me. I enjoyed spending time with him during the week in the summers Abby and I spent with them. He was a preacher and I know he would have loved me being a preachers' wife! Abby called him Peepaw, or Peeps. He loved that name more than anything.

Uncle David is Mamaw's husband. They married when I was 15. I already had a great relationship with him, since he was my great uncle, but getting him for a grandad was extra special. He never tried to be Papaw, he is just always himself, loving, kind, and funny. He loves our Mamaw and all of the rest of us. We're so glad he is our Uncle Grandad!

Happy Father's Day!