Monday, June 3, 2013

Moving On Up

"I am not so sure about this Preschool thing, are you?!"
This is from Henry's first day of Preschool 1 at FUMC last year. He has been at this school since he was an infant, but moving to preschool was a big step. A new hall, a new agenda, a new schedule, etc. He was not ready last year but adjusted quickly. I loved this photo sooooo much.

And here we are ready to go to Preschool 2. Last year he reported to class in an Elmo diaper and this year a fabulous new pair of Batman undies. The boy is a man now, I tell ya! He rules his school. I love seeing him grow up and learn so much, yet sometimes I really miss that baby leg fat and those thick, chubby feet that were still smelled good enough to kiss. He now asks if he can snuggle me and grabs me like a grown man and pets my hair while he has me in a tight headlock full of snuggle love. My sweet Henry is soaring into this world way too fast! What a precious gift it is.