Tuesday, June 25, 2013


I'm pretty sure I've written a post to moms of young children before, but here is another one. 

Stephen, the kids and I went to Little Rock to run a couple of errands Saturday night and stopped at a burger joint. (Shout out to David's Burgers, yummy!)  A young family came in. The parents were so cute and the kids were too. They were dressed in all the right clothes and would have made the perfect picture. Things were going great for them until they needed the little girl to sit in the high chair.

She wasn't a year old yet, but she could show her will! She arched her back and screamed. The mom pushed from the top, the dad pulled on her legs. (You've been there right?) and she didn't go anywhere. And she let all of us know it. 

Her brothers were either covering their ears or wearing earbuds playing video games. And their parents  were working as a team but not showing themselves to be successful. 

I was laughing.

As I sat with my 15 yr old, twin 12 yr olds, and 9 yr old I flash backed to those days. Samuel said he was pretty sure he would have been taken out of the restaurant and taken care of! I'm pretty sure he was right, after all he was our first! 

But I sat there with children that had ordered their own food, fixed their own drinks, poured their own ketchup and sat down all by themselves. And I was relieved. I could look across the restaurant at that family and laugh. Not at them, but with them. I had been there, too many times. But the kids don't stay that way. They grow up. They grow up to be well behaved children. BECAUSE you pushed from the top, and he pulled from the bottom. Or because you took them out of the restaurant, took care of them, and took them back in and they sat down quietly. 

The fights you're fighting are worth fighting. Pray, stay strong, and know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. And it is bright and wonderful!