Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday Night

This is what is happening at the Beavers' house this Friday evening.

...David says he feels like he has mono again. Sad to say, he kind of looks like it too.
...Anna's throat is very sore and she seems to loose her voice from time to time.
...Samuel has been gone to church camp since Monday and I've forgotten what his voice sounds like.
...Daniel is here and seems to feel good. For now anyway.
...Stephen got new hours at work. He doesn't have to go in as early anymore, I'll enjoy that! The alarm at 5:00 was not my friend.
...I was fitted for a bra today and am pretty sure the 18 yr old me would have never ever believed the size I bought today.
...We ate at Chuy's tonight. I've been wanting to since they opened a few weeks ago. It was really good, but the Chicka Chicka Boom Boom is really hot!
...Once again the Southern Baptist Convention has loved on this church planter family. For those of you that tithe to Southern Baptist churches, Thank You!
...I love bleach. I cleaned all morning with it, David says our house smells like a hotel room!
...I've missed blogging.
That's all I have, think I may go outside and enjoy this nice cool June evening.


Anonymous said...

Hey Julie-Poo : Tell Anna to come over here and give Connie a BIG KISS so Connie can lose her voice from time to time.... and, also, your bra information was just TMI !
Love you, Yo Daddy