Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Preschool Confession

"Between you and me, buddy...I think I might like this preschool business after all!"

Hesitantly, Henry started in the preschool class at his school this week. It was a huge transition for him and us. He cried and fought the idea of it. He was a big toddler 2 fan. Thankfully, most all of his classmates from toddler 2 moved up with him.  It made the move so much easier. His new teachers are going to be fun and sweet. He has come home happy, tired and dirty from a hard day's play each day this week. We are blessed to have him in such a wonderful school and have him adjust so well. He knows he is loved, safe and spoiled rotten at his school. I know this also, and it makes leaving him there so much easier!  Preschool is a hard word to swallow for this mama. My baby is getting so big!



Kelley said...

Oh, he looks so grown up in this picture!