Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Fort and Fun

Randall Wayne built this for Henry. It is the biggest, best swing set ever! He even put astra turf in his house.  It will be called Fort Henry. I got this shot of Henry as he went up the steps for the first time. We are so excited to have it in our backyard. We need to find the swings for it and he will be finished. He also put up the chain link fence in the backyard...all within a week...and he went to Minnesota for 4 days this past week. The man is a machine and I love him.
These are my blonde buddies, Sarah and Emily. I go to church with Emily (A State shirt) and she is great friends with Sarah (white shirt). Sarah and I send our children to the same daycare so our boys are friends. Small world. Anyway, we have been having fun getting to know each other this spring/summer. They make me laugh and I love to laugh.

The best part about these girls is that our husbands get along and have things in common. That is sometimes a miracle, you know. James and David are funny and down to earth. They are hands on daddy's too. I love a daddy that takes care of business.

Henry loved having his truck loaded down with Quinn, Lily and Eli. These kiddos play hard together.

I thought I would see if blonde was better. It isn't! I put my wig on my Mawmaw gave me for my blonde buddies. I made them laugh...alot. It was fun times and it has now appeared on Facebook.
We have joined the Elks Lodge so we can use their swimming pool. Great harassment has been directed towards me this past week since having our application accepted. Randall will become an Elk. I am sure you can imagine his excitement. Anyway, my blonde buddies think this may be a good Elks look for me. I am debating it. Oh, the laughter.