Friday, June 15, 2012

My Morning

In preparation for an upcoming trip I took the van for an oil change yesterday. This was the second time I've done this since we moved here and I trust the mechanics at this place.

I dropped the kids off at VBS, ran thru the McDonald's drive thru and went to the mechanic. And that's where I stayed for the next 2.5 hours!

I sat in the waiting room, read my Kindle and was a happy girl. And then...the mechanic came and asked me to follow him into the garage. I made sure he understood that whatever he showed me I wouldn't understand. I was right. Turns out I needed two new tires, I told him I couldn't make that decision. I called Stephen and he said to get them. Crisis averted, things are going good. I return to my reading.

Then the mechanic, let's call him Joel (since that's his name), comes to me again. I have a feeling of dread wash over me. Joel told me one of the other tires had a screw in it and needed to be patched. I agreed and sent him on his way.

Then the owner of the shop comes out. I know this can only be bad. He told me I needed brake pads and I cried. He patted my shoulder and said everything was going to be ok. I called Stephen again and he said to get them. The owner came back to the waiting room and sat with me and talked to me for quite some time. I told him all about Delta Baptist. I'm pretty sure he wished he hadn't come in!

So, my $35 dollar trip to get the oil changed became a $400+ trip. And I haven't even looked at my new tires. So, how was your day?



Kelley said...

Gee Julie, That stinks. Glad your van is safe now though. Your day sounds about like my week. Ear infection, pink eye in both eyes, freezer goes out, tv messed up, new tires on hubbies car. It's only money right?