Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Amazing Wonders

 We are having  VBS this week at our church. I heart VBS so much! I have great memories of VBS as a child and then helping as a young adult. Now that I am a mama, I love taking Henry to VBS and passing along the fun memories and great life lessons from such a fun week celebrating Jesus.

 Our theme is Amazing Wonders. We are celebrating the wonders of the world and traveling by airplane. Henry's teachers are precious. They made each child their own airplane. This is Henry sitting in his. He cries at night when he leave VBS and begs to go back and see "Thonas and Carrot" (his teachers, Tonya and Karen). Last year he cried all during VBS and this year he cries for VBS. What a difference a year makes!

This is my baby looking all red barron like. I like to take all the preschoolers photos and make frames to put them in on the last night. This year we had them lay down and act like they were flying in the air. This is Henry soaring for Jesus!
 I have preschool crafts again this year. I just love it. Renea and I worked together last year and teamed up again this year. It is a hoot. I know the children must think Ms. Abby is a nut case, but we have fun times making our little projects. I picked terrible crafts this year. I am so disappointed in Guildcraft. Do not order from them, if you are planning your VBS crafts. If you do, have low expectations. Mine were too high. Last year I only ordered a few things so I didn't have the problems I have this year. Next year I am going to have to do my own thing and not rely on the kits. Renea and I are adding to each project as we go along and it is working and making us laugh. I just love to laugh at church. It is the best!
If you do not have VBS at your church, you should find a church that does and send your kiddos. If you do have VBS at your church, be sure to volunteer. It is such a blessing. The experiences the children have at Vacation Bible School are tremendous and stay with them forever. I  am so thankful for my church and what all they do to help children know Jesus. Can you tell how much "Carrot" loves teaching my boy?! It melts my mama heart.



maren said...

Yeah for VBS! It's always a ton of work, but every year it is so fulfilling! And I agree that it provides such fond childhood memories! Looks like fun!
:) maren @

Anonymous said...

Who can forget building the forts with popsicle sticks, making pretty boxes with buttons and shells, etc.

Kelley said...

Mary-Kate is in VBS right now and loves it! She is learning so much and having a blast! Love your craft ideas!