Sunday, June 3, 2012

Keeping It Simple

As I get older I am realizing it is really the simple things that make me most happy. Like the 50 cent "Winne AND The Pooh" (I love how Henry adds an "and" in there) at our Walmart. It is the lamest ride EVER! It does nothing but move just a hair and plays muffled elevator music. It makes the baby boy feel like he has ridden in a "brown and red" airplane with "Winne AND The Pooh" and makes him giddy with excitement the whole ride home from Walmart. It is worth the 50 cents and the time for me to see him smile over something so simple.

Repurposing is the new word for "using the same old crap you have in a new way!" This is what I did on my dining room table. It was looking so boring after Easter and I was at a loss on what to do. I wanted to make it look a little more "alive". Instead of buying anything I started going though my things and came up with this fun decor. The napkins came from Daddy and Connie one year for Christmas, the plates are my Fiestaware from our wedding, the napkin rings are from one of Randall's trips to South Africa, the tablecloths are from Julie one year for Christmas, the chargers were purchased on the clearance rack at Hobby Lobby by me some time ago and the vase and flowers were from my old kitchen decor before we redid that room back in the winter. It tells a story and it cost me nothing...Score!

 The $4 wreath on my backdoor makes me happy. I got the flip flops from "Dollar Treat" (What Henry calls the Dollar Tree). I got the idea and pinned it on Pinterest. I think it was repinned over 1200 times in 2 days. It was exciting times for a nerd pinner like myself. Even my friend Leslie was in awe watching it be repinned at rapid pace. Like I said, it is the simple things in life, people!

Who knew splashing water in a bird bath could evoke such happiness? Eli and Henry were soaking wet. It was clean water, in case you are grossed out. Don't be. When they got finished there was no water in that bird bath. I love the laughter and excitement that comes from simple times. Here is to a slow and simple summer in our neck of the woods!



His Doorkeeper said...

I had to come over and steal your "flip-flop" wreath and add it to my Pinterest board! Soooo cute!

I know you know I think Henry is the most darling little boy I have ever laid eyes on!! I hope no one from Hollywood ever sees him cause he would be in the movies /modeling in a New York minute. I wouldn't want that life for him but he is BEAUTIFUL! I wish we lived closer and I would keep him for you some! A nonny loves those beautiful babies!!