Friday, June 1, 2012

Beach Bums

We decided to go to the beach and 5 days later we were in route to the beach. You just never know about us, I tell ya!
We stopped in Saraland (Mobile) to stay the night on our way to Orange Beach. Henry had a ball getting reintroduced to the water after not swimming since Thanksgiving in our hotel in Longview.

He convinced his daddy to get in with him and they splashed until dark. It was fun to see him get excited about the water again. He loved it so much last summer and little did we know he would love it even more this summer. Henry may just be part fish!

We arrived at the Caribe in Orange Beach the next day and put our most precious cargo on the cart and headed up to get settled in our condo and head out to the water.

This was our view. It was beautiful and our condo was incredible.
Henry stepped out on the beach hesitantly but quickly remembered the fun he had last time.

Henry shoveled and splashed forever. When the waves got big from the boats soring by he would run and yell "mama. daddy!" It was a little much for him to handle. He is so stinkin cute.

Our resort had a banana boat shuttle that took us to and from the beach. Henry adored it. He has been begging to ride on a school bus for months. I lied to him and told him it was a school bus (it is yellow...give me a break!) and he was in heaven!

He went down that slide. He really did. I was shocked also. I was there to catch fear. I then went down it 3 times. It was great fun.

We spent a lot of time on our resort's lazy river until Henry decided to give up halfway down it on the last day we were there. He just bailed out of the raft and since it was only 1 ft deep he decided to walk away. We were real proud parents...not.

My beach bum. There is never a dull moment with my 2.5 year old bundle of joy.

Henry loves to chant "Have a snack" and that is exactly what he was doing.

Our only family shot. We took a real low key trip this time. We never dressed up and we stayed in our condo, at the beach or in the pool most of the time. It was wonderful. I did get to eat gulf coast worries. Randall even bought me 3 dozen to bring home. He knows a raw oyster is the ticket to my heart!

We plan to go back at the end of the summer and I can't wait to do it again.


Kelley said...

How fun! We are going to Orange Beach in July! Mary-Kate is so excited! I wonder how Mady Moo will do?