Monday, June 4, 2012

Not to Brag

Today we sent Samuel to church camp. He drove off in a church van that had two other youth-age boys and six children in it. Samuel didn't look happy at all. At. All.

Before he left I reminded him to focus on Jesus this week and not girls. He gave me the "Ah, mom" that I expected but what kind of mother would I have been if I didn't say it?!

I got a text from one of the two adults in the van telling me what Samuel was up to in the van. Turns out he was sitting beside a foreign exchange student who doesn't have a relationship with Jesus. Samuel began to witness to him on the van ride. Can I tell you how much I love that child?

I don't know what will come of the seed that Samuel planted in that boys heart today. I pray he makes a decision this week to accept and live for Christ.

We parents never know what our children are learning and what they will become. Samuel has seen and heard about Stephen sharing the good news of Jesus to people, I know that has had a huge impact on his life and he in turn is going about his father's business.

I am loving watching him grow up.