Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Daddy Day

I got to spend Father's Day with my daddy. It is rare that I am with him on his special day. I was so glad he and Connie came to stay the night with us and visit for a bit. It is never dull with Daddy in the house, that is for sure!

Julie and I had the kids make Daddy this canvas back in the winter during one of our visits. He really liked it. I got him the Bob shirt and Bob ice cube tray. Daddy's name is Bob, in case you didn't know. He LOVED the gifts, as you can only imagine. I am sure the t-shirt has already made its debut in Desoto County.

Henry loves his Grandaddy. Those two get so wild and worn out when they are together. it is funny. Daddy always told us Mr. Whisker stories when we were little. It was a made up voice and story line. I loved Mr. Whisker stories before bed when I was little. Henry now also loves Mr. Whiskers and begs for the stories all the time. Oh me...

There is a never a dull moment with Daddy around. I love him for teaching me how to laugh. Julie and I can both be so comical and silly. We can thank our sweet daddy for it. Humor is a survival mechanism and a gift. I am so glad we are richly blessed with it. Julie and I would not be sisters without this silly and sweet man. I am so thankful he made us a family and most importantly, that he helped teach us about Jesus.

I must include my sweet baby daddy in this Father's Day post. He asked for "peace". He always asks for peace at gift giving time. This time Henry and I made him a peace canvas with a verse from Psalms for him to hang upstairs in his office. Henry also filled out a questionnaire about his daddy. It was the cutest thing. Randall is such a wonderful daddy. He is hands on, never complains about his duties and loves our child like crazy. Randall never lets anything come before Henry. It is sweet to watch him soak up every moment with his son. I learn alot from watching him. It makes me a better mama, and I am so thankful God is allowing us to parent alongside each other. What a joy.
We had a fun Father's Day together killing mosquitoes, worshiping together and playing hard. It doesn't get much better than that, folks.