Tuesday, June 12, 2012

DBC Update

Are you wondering what is going on with our church? Well wonder no more, I'm here with an update!

Delta Baptist Church is now funded by one church and two organizations. We have one church that is voting Wednesday night to fund us. These churches and org's have committed to support us financially and prayerfully, some with mission teams for three years. We are so thankful and excited about the support of these people. The best thing about it is that we didn't ask for the money from the churches. They heard about our vision, shared it and wanted to be part of it. God is so good.

We had a mission team come in two Saturdays in May and do survey work. They walked, knocked on doors and found out if the people were interested in what we are doing. And people are!!! Yes, we're a bit excited!!!

There are two other mission teams coming this summer for sure, and hopefully a couple more will be able to come and help out. The work these people do is priceless and so important to our work. We are hoping to be able to begin having Bible study's in July. I don't know how many times I've said that sentence but changed the name of the month, but I'm praying that the previous sentence is the correct one!

We are still living in our friends home. There have been quite a few people come to see it in the last couple of months. Our friends are anxious to sell it, we are anxious to find our house. God is in control and we are resting in His time and providence.

Stephen is still working at Wings To Go (he calls it the official chicken wing of Delta Baptist Church!). I would love for him not to have to work there. He enjoys the people but there is so much work to be done and it just can't get done with him working everyday. Please don't get me wrong. We are so grateful for this job and the people that answered our prayers in making it happen.

God has been and still is at work all around us. Please keep us in your prayers!

If you want to pray for us please pray for people to respond to us, for them to want to know Jesus. Pray that our housing situation works out in such a way that there are no hic-ups when it is time to move.



Anonymous said...

Although God knows our deepest needs, it is still good for me to know how to pray for your specific needs...and that I will do!

Kelley said...

Praying for you and this work!