Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Working it Festive Style

My marketing buddy and I decided we needed to have a contest for our employee Christmas lunch. The employees got excited about it, which sort of surprised me. Some people call it the ugly Christmas sweater contest but out of respect for those we borrowed the sweaters from and those at our work who wear them...we called it festive attire contest. I had lots of choices and it was hard to decide. My Aunt Babs brought me a vest and my mother-in-love brought me this 12 days of Christmas sweater. I brought both to work and my co-workers chose the sweater.

Candace won the prize for most festive. She literally took things of her Christmas tree and put them on. She had a mini wreath on her wrist, pines cones in her hair, a door knob hanger and garland as her belt, etc. It was priceless.

I won this tree. It was an all out fight and I won. Dirty Santa is so much fun. Gary won it, Vicki stole it and then I took it from her. She was none to happy with me and has threatened to break in my truck and get it! Doesn't Gary crack you up? I promise he only drank sweet tea...this is why this picture makes me laugh. Oh, G!

Yep, I didn't even win runner up when it came down to it. I still think I looked pretty over the top. What a blessing it is to work in such a fun place with real people at Christmastime.