Friday, December 2, 2011

Look Who Is 2

Henry Patton was born 2 years ago today!

What a day of rejoicing that more ways than one! My whole world became a little brighter and softer. He is truly the delight in my life. His Daddy and I wake up and still chase each other to his room to see who can get there first. We are still so smitten with him. I honestly cannot wait to see him each morning and hate to see him fall asleep at night...even though he is so sweet and still when he is sleeping. We grow fonder of him each day.

Last year we had a party celebrating the big one at home with family and a few friends. He was just learning to walk and taking a step or two at a time. By Christmas last year he was getting around at a good clip. He grew so much this past year. I tried my best to record it but know I missed a lot. My heart has it bottled up, and that is what matters the most, I reckon.

Henry is now a tall, handsome 2 year old. He talks non stop and tries to speak in full sentences. Henry can sing his ABC's, count to 15 and he loves to belt out Jesus Loves me and Jingle Bells. He starts most sentences/statements with "I want...". He loves bath time and only wants Daddy to do it because they splash water and throw rubber ducks and I am against that nonsense. Henry is a busy, busy toddler with too much energy for 30 something parents! He loves tractors, balls, books, Woody, and "TRUCK" is his favorite...especially Daddy's truck. Veggie Tales, Super Why, Sesame Street and Choo Choo Soul are his favorite things to watch on the TV. He still cries when we go to church but runs into his room at school. Henry is strong-willed and persistent, yet he is also a pleaser. It can make for trying times in the parenting department, but I think with guidance he will grow into those characteristics with grace and use them for good. He can pray by himself and does not appreciate you helping him talk to God. My favorite is when he smiles real big, squints, pooches his lips out, giggles and says, "Hey, Mama!"or when he is tired or needy he says, "Mama, hold you!". Yet the best thing he says is "no way jose!" with a 'tude. Love that child. What a delight it is to wish my happy and healthy baby boy a happy 2nd year!

Today we will have a little party at his school during snack time. He will enjoy that. They all love a cupcake! Tomorrow we are having a big Henry Street party to celebrate our sweet boy. I can't wait to post pictures of all the fun things we have made. I hope Henry has lots of fun celebrating his big day...I know we will!

Happy Birthday, Henry Patton!


Micah said...

Henry is such a sweet, handsome little guy! I love seeing your pictures and hearing updates about him. You and Randall seem like such wonderful parents! :)

Kelley said...

Happy Birthday to a sweet little guy! Can't believe he is 2 already!

Cari said...

Loved reading about Henry! Hope you have a blast celebrating his 2nd birthday!

Jodi said...

Wow, that went fast! Happy Birthday Henry!