Monday, December 5, 2011

Pure Joy

Randall, 'Thew (Hollye's hubby) and Stephen

This picture will make me laugh outloud until I am old and gray. Today it made me cry a little bit. Joy. Pure joy it is to have family to embrace in good times, bad times, and the awkard inbetween times. I know of so many families who fight with each other, compete with each other and disregard each other. I can't imagine what that must be like. Today I count it pure joy to know we may not live near one another, yet we are one in the bond of love....bonded with crazy glue and Jesus!

Pray for Julie and her precious family as they move out of Star City this week. It is tough yet exciting at the same time. I find myself crying just thinking about the hope and fear they all six feel right now. What a reward they will reap in heaven for following Christ's leading. The grit and grace they are all showing through this is awe inspiring to this little sister and auntie. Counting it all joy takes on a whole new meaning for our little Juju this year :)