Saturday, December 17, 2011

Creative Christmas Fun

This little cutie has 3 teachers at school and 2 at church. So, we got out the Cricut and made them some fun gifts. Actually, he was snoozing away in his bed and I was upstairs in the office making the gifts watching In The Kitchen with David on QVC...because I just love that flamboyant man!

Here are the finished products. It was so much fun and super easy. I see all these girls going into the business of creating products for people with their Cricut and making a killing. He is a little word of wisdom...just go buy a machine and do it yourself. It is SUPER easy and very cost effective. The machine I have is the smallest one and it does all I would ever need it to do. It is so much fun and easy clean up. That is the best kind of craft if you ask me!

Have you made anything fun this season? It is such a fun time to craft.


P.S. Thank you for my Cricut, Jules! There is a gift for you in this photo so don't look at it too hard.