Monday, December 12, 2011

Oh, Henry!

Saturday morning I took Henry to breakfast with Santa at another local church in town. It was so much fun and super festive. Henry was SO excited about seeing Santa. He talked about Santa the whole way there and ran to the line when we got there. He tried to climb on stage and cut in line to get to Santa. Once we got up to Santa this is what happened. Poor little buddy!
My friend Carole was taking the photos and she loved it to so much. She is a sassy grandmother and loves the babies. It was fun.
Then, Sunday morning Ms. Peggy was working the preschool desk as always. She stands up each Sunday and looks over the desk to see how Henry is dressed. She loves our Henry's classic style because she owned the children's clothing store in town for years and respects good style :) Anyway, Peggy then looks at me and says with her sassy self, "I heard about Santa"....News travels fast in J'Town! She tells me that she is in supper club with Carole and she was telling them all about her friend's little Henry and how he cried at the breakfast with Santa. Peggy said she quickly replied, "Are you talking about MY Henry?!" Randall and I laughed on the way to Sunday School at how Henry is loved by all the ladies in town.

Speaking of style, Isn't Henry so festive in his peacoat and raccoon hat....oh, and that big snowman chair...I almost forgot to mention it?! ha. This chair is always in downtown Manilla at Christmas and we pass it each year on the way to see the Lights Over The Delta. The past 2 years he has been to little too put in the chair, but this year we were able to to put him in the big chair for the first time. It was great, cold fun.

After a few Christmas outings this weekend our little buddy was ready to veg at home by the tree with his "monkey" (blanket). He loves the Sesame Street wrapped packages under the tree and I am now starting to question why I thought buying that paper was a good idea! :)

Here's to a festive week!


Kelley said...

Those are precious pictures! I love seeing Henry with Santa. He had about the same face my Mady had! Priceless.