Friday, December 2, 2011

Birthday Morning Fun

After reading the previous post, you know Henry Patton is celebrating his big 2 today. All focus is on HP at our house today, and tomorrow for his big party....but isn't the focus always on HP?! :)

Birthday morning came bright and early for our little 2 year old. We had to make him wake up! We wanted to have time with him before our normal morning rush.

He loved his Elmo singing and dancing hands from Juju, Brother Stephen(Henry calls him that, just so you know) and the Fab Four. I loved his little excited, sleepy face!

Henry must have had his Daddy read this to him 10 times before school. He loved it and that made my heart smile. Big Joe's Trailer Truck is a tradition in our family. Marmie was so cute to find one and mail it to him. Pawpaw must love watching it from above.

Mawmaw and UD sent him a Blue's Clues Book. He loves Blue! We were trying to show him the tricycle we got him and all he would say was, "I want Blue, I want Blue!!"

My birthday boy headed off to school and we will party with him this afternoon during their snack time. The grocery store is making some funny sesame street cupcakes for me to take. I can't wait to see them...and that sweet birthday boy of mine! I also can't wait to hear him say "I'm 2". It is so adorable!