Tuesday, December 13, 2011


This week Henry learned about Mary and Joesph in Sunday School. He heard that an angel came to them both and told them that Mary was having the son of God and his name would be Jesus. The teacher gave us the handouts that went along with the lesson. I can point at Mary and ask Henry, "Who is that, Henry" and he says, 'Mary!" and he points at it. I then say, "What is Mary's baby's name" and he quickly smiles and shouts, "Jesus!"

What a joy to my mama heart to hear my child say the name above all names, "Jesus" with a grin on his face and in an excited tone. He has no idea what the name means, what joy and hope that name will provide him, nor why he speaks the name with a smile and in a different tone. He will though. He is learning by example and repetition right now.

There is nothing like hearing your child learn about Jesus. Nothing like it, I tell ya. I am counting my blessings that we know the true meaning of this festive season and that we live in a land where we can worship the one, true God. It also makes me thankful for parents who taught me at an early age. What a blessing it is to pass it forward.

p.s. Before Henry says "Jesus" he will go "shhh" but it sounds more like a hiss! I think he must be thinking about the baby sleeping. Bless his precious little heart!