Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Trip to the Zoo

We were invited to attend a preview of Penguin Pointe at the Little Rock Zoo. Friday morning was cloudy and cool but we were determined to see the peguins. And they were so cute!

The Little Rock Zoo is now home to 11 African Black-Footed Penguins. They are an endangered species and now have a great place to live. These penguins aren't as tall as the Emperor Penguins that we are more familiar with. They are shorter and, if possible, cuter. We were there when they first came outside. These penguins appreciate warm weather and it wasn't warm on this day! But soon they began swimming and having a good time. We watched them for probably 45 minutes. The kids loved it!

The exhibit opens to the public this Saturday at 10:00. Be there! You won't be disappointed. And go see the giraffes and lions in the morning while you're there. I guess we usually go to the zoo in the afternoon and the animals are tired. But Friday morning they were moving around and playing. It was our best zoo trip ever!

Let me know if you go to see the penguins!