Monday, March 7, 2011

Planting Man

It is that time again...planting time! This was taken last year at the beginning of planting. So hard to believe it has been a year and that baby boy on that little tractor is so big now. Our little daddy rolls out this week with his guys to head south to plant his first few plots. He loves this time of year and after sitting at home all winter witnessing what all he does to prepare for this season, I am pretty excited too!

Randall works for a seed company based up north and he is responsible for planting all their research plots in the south (they call it the delta, but we know better). He has 12 plots this season, in 5 states. The closest one is a little over an hour from home.
Watching him prepare for the season makes me realize how flexible he really is. I have always thought he was a bit stiff (hee hee)...but the guy is actually Gumby! He is a scientist, accountant, engineer, negotiator, boss man, IT guru, coordinator, and quite the seed, chemical and weed specialist. He has a large job and earns every penny we make!
So, here's to a safe and dry week, equipment that does not break down and a crew that does not break down - ha!

Henry and I will be holding down the fort and trying not to spend all of our Big Daddy's hard earned money!


Kelley said...

What a great post! Henry looks so little in these pictures. A year makes a difference in their features!