Thursday, March 17, 2011

Irish Kisses

Happy St. Patty's Day from Henry Patton!

Don't worry, I kissed him! He is pretty kissable, that is for sure.

Can you believe this was my Irish cutie last year?! My, my how time flies. I remember he kept falling over on his side while trying to get his photo that morning, and he never changed his expression. Sweet thing was scared of his crazy mama! Poor baby is bound to have picture wounds from all the mishaps we have had for the camera's sake.
Well, Another fun St. Patty's Day kissing on my baby boy. His Daddy has never kissed the Irish cutie all dressed in his green. I have a feeling he will never see him in his green and get to kiss him on St. Patty's Day, and that is okay because he is off making the green for the Irish cutie and his Mama!!

Go kiss somebody that is Irish...or just pretend they are for the fun of it!


Amanda M. said...

soooooooo dern cute. :)

Kelley said...

I can't believe how fast this year has gone by! Henry is adorable!

Anonymous said...

Henry P. Lee may just be in the top 4 of my best looking grandsons !
Top 4
(alphabetical order)
1. Daniel Stephen
2. David Robert
3. Henry Patton
4. Samuel Charles
Only way for anyone to crack that top 4 is for Julie or Abby to have another boy ! (Jules votes for Ab)

Anna K. without a doubt is my most beautiful granddaughter !

Proud Grandpa in Magnolia Land