Friday, March 18, 2011

Food Friday

Who doesn't love a banana pudding?!
My Daddy came to visit me this past Sunday afternoon and I thought I would make the visit even sweeter and make a banana pudding. One of these days I am going to make it the old fashion way, but until then, Jell-O instant is my friend!

I will say adding cool whip to the pudding mixture makes a huge improvement in the quick method. I use lots of bananas, a whole box of wafers and I use one box of banana pudding flavored mix and one vanilla flavored pudding mix. I rarely have any left because everyone loves it!

Daddy and I chatted about our Sunday memory of banana pudding and I loved the trek down memory lane. He drove the little old ladies home on the bus after church when I was a little girl, and I would ride with him sometimes. I loved riding but I remember always being hungry and ready to go home and eat lunch...imagine that!

There was a sweet little lady on the bus who often had a banana pudding for Daddy.(We tried to remember her name and we couldn't. I feel so bad about that.) Anyway, we would get to her house and she would go in and get it out of the fridge and give it to Daddy. I would hold the glass bowl in my lap all the way home. I remember Daddy always being excited and it being really yummy!

My little foodie loves the kitchen. His little cruiser has been in the kitchen for a while now. He sometimes likes to get in it and sometimes he would rather not be bothered with it and just dig through the cabinets instead. He decided cruising was for him on this day and I laughed at how big he is in it. I think I will retire it to the attic soon. The sweet little foodie is growing way too fast!

Happy Food Friday!

P.S. Marie Stitsworth was the sweet little lady's name. Thanks, Mama! :)


Kelley said...

I love banana pudding! I am loving Henry's car! Too cute!

Amanda M. said...

Oh yum. I haven't had that since I was a little girl. My grandmother (from Kentucky) would make it for us and it was sooo good. :) Fond memories. :)

Anonymous said...

Well my food friday consisted of my son's bake chocolate cookies and lemon bars...going to the races tomorrow and we were to take his favorites to celebrate his birthdayl no bakes can be tricky on this humid day.... but whew they hardened finally!

food fridays are my favorites!

kathy said...

the little lady's name is Marie Stitsworth. She has gone on to be with Jesus. She could make some wonderful banana pudding though.