Saturday, March 5, 2011

15 Months Already?

Here we are with our first monthly photo. So hard to believe that was 15 months ago. That poor baby looked drunk off formula and was clearly a little uncomfortable in the neck area.

Here we are now with Mr. 15 months!
Henry Patton is full of life and has energy I only wish I could bottle up for myself. He mimics songs he hears and tries to repeat words we say. He is a dancing machine...always bopping in his car seat or bouncing on his feet. "Ah-oh" is heard at least 50 times a day for things that warrant an "ah-oh" and things that don't. I wish I knew his reasoning. Ha!
Henry runs full speed. He loves to ride on his little riding toys and push them around. Talking on his play cellphone is a popular activity (he sees us do it way too much!). Reading his little books brings him the most pleasure though. He loves running from side to side in his bed each morning. It is quite funny to watch. Henry is doing so much that I loose track of it all. I have written so much in his baby book that we will probably not be able to make sense of it all in the years to come!
Taking the monthly photo has come along way, baby!



Kelley said...

No way... The time has gone by so fast! He looks like a little boy not a baby. So precious Abby!