Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Thowing in the Towel

Stephen came out of the bathroom last week holding out a bathtowel. It was an extra-large navy blue towel. He held it up, turned it around, he resembled Vanna if she had ever held up a towel on Wheel of Fortune.

And then the light hit the towel just right and I could see THROUGH the towel. Point made.

We've been married 17 1/2 years and have acquired 6 new towels since then. But we have also acquired 4 new people in that time. We are towel poor. And I hadn't even noticed.

So, Stephen told me to buy towels. Now we just don't go out and buy things willy-nilly around here. We do research. We check websites, blogs and consumer reports before we buy. We research washing machines, dryers, hair dryers, irons, coffee makers, and sheets. And we've never been disappointed. Consumer Reports has never done us wrong. So, I went to research bath towels. Consumer Reports has done no research on bath towels.

How can that be? How am I to know which towel is best? Which brand is going to stay thick and fluffy the longest? Which brand is more absorbent than the others? Which brand isn't going to tear apart after being stretched on the ends when I dry my back?

Can you relate to this towel dilemma? Please say you can! Which brand of bath towel do you recommend? HELP!


kathy said...

I know where you got several of the new towels you have. remember that christmas everyone got towels? maybe again this year?