Monday, March 28, 2011

12 or 39

I looked back on the blogity blog to see if I had referred to Samuel's 12th year and my 39th year and I couldn't find anything so I'm going to talk about it now.

I know he's 13 and I'm not 39 anymore, but I was thinking about the theory I had and am still wondering about it.

Last year was difficult! I mean really difficult!!! I kept saying that being a 12 year old boy must be tough, because Samuel & I were having some trouble. And then after praying about it, I began to think that maybe 39 was tough and that was what made 12 seem bad. You know, he was reflecting my attitude. (Isn't being a parent grand?!)

I was worried about age 13. I figured that once he became a teenager it would only get worse. I would become increasingly uncool and weird.

But months passed, I was no longer 39 and he was 13 and I noticed that life was pretty good. We were getting along better. Things were running smoother at home.

My question is still unanswered. I don't know if it was 39 or 12 that was the tough age. They're both stepping off points for "BIG" birthdays, maybe it was a combination of the two of us reaching the end of our youth. HA!!

Maybe it was 39, and I was somehow grieving my 30's (yeah, I don't much think so!). Or maybe it was 12.

And you know what that got me to thinking?

Yes, in two years I will have TWO 12 YEAR OLDS!!!!! AAAAHHHH!!!

I'll let you know what the toughest age is then!



Anonymous said...

too funny on wondering about the 12 yr olds...

you are a great mom!