Friday, March 11, 2011

Food Friday

The little foodie and I love an excuse to throw a party, so we had a little Mardis Gras celebration with a few of our friends.

Pizza and king cake were on the menu. We visited the Dollar Tree for a few decorations and we were ready to party!

I love that we all wore colors to match the occasion. Green, gold and purple. I also love our eyes, or lack of, in these masks. Having friends to laugh with, is the best.

The smile on my friend Sara's face is always contagious, mask or no mask.

A Mardis Gras party is not complete with out the king cake. I had never had a king cake and was most excited about trying one. I intended to make ours, but when I got to Kroger and saw how cute they were and how cheap they were in the bakery, I quickly put one in my buggy and disregarded making one.

My friend Brittni told me to pose with the cake and say I made it, but I cannot lie. I love that it came with the beads and the baby all ready to stick inside. A king cake just looks fun, doesn't it?!

We warmed ours up in the microwave. It tasted delish! It reminded me alot of a coffee cake. I know the recipe I read suggested making a monkey bread. I think that would have been really good also.

Even the little guys wore green and were ready to party. Henry loved having friends come over. They played hard! He and Camron had a disagreement over the beads in Henry's hands. Camron left our house with the wounds on his neck to prove it. I was a wee bit mortified, of course.
My friend Brittni's daughter Blaire, made our masks in her art class at school. I just love that child and thought her masks were way too cute!

Sara and her sweet little guys enjoying pizza and toys. Our little loves played so well together and had so much fun. Sara's youngest said our party was "the best party". I loved that!

Noah got the baby! He was so excited. We had a fun time. Food, fun and can't go wrong!

Happy Food Friday!


Kelley said...

Abby that sounds like so much fun! Your decorations are awesome! I tried a king cake for the first time the other day and oh my word it was delicious!