Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Live and Let's Lent

I am a good ole Southern Baptist by birth and by choice. I have never participated in Lent, but have decided to do so this year. I am excited about the challenge and to see how the Lord sustains and blesses me through the next 46 days. I know it is all about the "giving up", but I also want to "give". So, I am limiting processed foods and I plan to read my Bible each day. I am guilty of eating too many packaged foods and not reading my Bible but a few times a week. In doing this I hope to see my waistline go down a size so I can wear my cute dresses again. I also hope to limit my social media time at night and read God's word in order to gain more insight on His will for my life. A win, win for all. This is the plan...I hope I can stick to it!

Randall is game for the food situation, but I think he is a bit worried sprouts and such may be on the menu. I have assured him he will survive and that I dislike a sprout unless it is a Brussels! Do notice I use the word "limit" because there is no way we could go cold turkey and function. I loved this post I found concerning the issue.

I hope to be logged off the computer by 7:00 each night. This will be a huge struggle, but worth it. I spend way too much time on the computer and neglect important things. I am starting to think this ole netbook it an idol and studying Isaiah at BSF has made me a bit nervous about having this plastic idol sitting in my lap so much!

Oh, I am also incorporating fish Friday.I loved fish Friday at Pete's Place growing up and fish is super healthy.

A pure heart, create in me, O God, Put a steadfast spirit within me.

So, are you participating in Lent?