Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I Hate ADT!

I know it isn’t nice to hate but I HATE ADT!!!!! If you use them, I pitty you. If you don’t use them then you are so very blessed! My blood pressure goes high whenever I see an ADT van, sign or commercial. If I could do a commercial against them, I would and I would do it for free! I am ADT free as of 12/31/07 and I can’t celebrate it enough. The past three years have been miserable dealing with those sad souls. Thank you Lee from Monitronics for paying off our contract with ADT and giving us an upgraded system. So, don’t try to break my glass, pull my garage door up, assault me in my driveway or break in one of my doors because you will be had by my new fine system, my fine friends!

Now, I feel better.


Oh, What I Would Do For A Turkey Sandwich!

We went to Stephen's parents for Thanksgiving, so there are no leftovers at our house, and I so wish I had a couple of slices of warm turkey on a piece of soft white bread that has generous portions of mayo on it (sorry Ab, I know you want to gag!). I did get a sandwich before we left Ft. Smith, but oh how I wish I could have more. I know I could go buy a turkey and make my own "leftovers" but it just wouldn't be the same.
If you know me at all you know I love to shop! Friday morning Stephen and I left the kids with his parents and went shopping. We went to 5 different stores and bought-get this-2 gifts! And we bought them at the same store. Where has my shopping stamina gone? We went to Kohl's and the line to check out was at least an hour and a half long, we turned around and went out of the store after spending 10 minutes looking for a parking place. We had a good time, don't get me wrong, spending time with my dear hubby is one of my favorite things to do!
Over the weekend we did the other Thanksgiving trek I love. The movies!!! We saw Enchanted, Anna loved it, and I didn't mind it to bad. It was awfully girly, but McDreamy was in it, so that made it better. The next night we saw Mr. Magoriams (sp) Wonder Emporium. That was a good movie and it was even rated G, what more could a parent ask for.
Well, now I need to go decorate the house. I'm not looking forward to it, because I'm not very good at it, but I'm going to do it anyway!Merry Christmas season to ya'll!


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Not to be Out Done by my Little Sis...


My fun, loyal, constant, God-fearing husband

My 3 precious beautiful boys, and my one precious beautiful daughter

My church and all the wonderful relationships I have with the people at FBC

My beautiful home

My friends, both new and old, who still want to read about what is going on in my life, and love me still

My family- the people who call, send notes, and love me no matter what I do

Coca-Cola, restaurants, television, late-night snacks after the kids have gone to bed


Monday, November 19, 2007

I Am Thankful For...

(in random order)

Less Migraines this year and medicine that does not make me feel bad all the time

My cute, hard working, responsible provider and funny husband who makes my little world complete

The family who loves to hug and loves me for all my quirks, my humor and my sensitive heart

That the old guy on the brand new Harley who rear-ended me & totaled my car in the spring did not get hurt or die.

Free hair care from my mother-in-law beautician

A mama who calls daily just to hear my voice

A job that does not feel like a job but rather a meeting amongst friends where I can use all my God given skills.

For loving neighbors who love me like family

My fab four (Samuel, David, Daniel and Anna K.) for all the warm fuzzy feelings they give me.

That I can now successfully decorate birthday cakes like a real baker for all my favorite people

A safe and comfortable place to call home

Mrs. Carolyn for bringing true belly laughter and tears of joy to my life while giving me a glimpse at myself in forty years

Learning to react with my heart instead of my emotions

Receiving 5 invitations for Thanksgiving dinner …I feel loved , torn and wish I could wiggle my nose and be at all 5 homes but I will have to settle for 1.

Happy Thanksgiving and I hope you can stop and reflect on all those things
that make you thankful this year.


Thursday, November 15, 2007

Boys, Boys, Boys

Well, it happened. As a mom of 3 boys I have been waiting for this, waiting and dreading. Saturday afternoon while Stephen was killing his first deer, Samuel got hit in the eye with (get this) a 13 year old fist! All the boys in the neighborhood were playing in our backyard and the playing turned to pushing and the pushing turned to hitting. All the kids said Samuel didn't do anything. We talked to the boy's parents and they were very apologetic. The boy had been suspended from school the day before for the same thing. I hated it for Samuel, he has such a tender heart and I think it really bothered him that someone would hit him, especially in his own backyard, but it did make him feel good to see how his friends stood up for him. Samuel's eye swelled and turned blue just about immediately. It looks like he has eyeshadow on it, but it doesn't hurt anymore-so all is well.

PS. Today as we were driving home from Pine Bluff we passed a pasture of cows that were all lying down. Samuel said "look mom, the cows are having Bible Study". How sweet is that?!


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Bling & Bows

How is that Christmas shopping coming along? Let me help you with two fabulous suggestions.

www.fawnscrown.com - Ashley, one of my bestest buds from college (we also share the same birthday!) has started her own jewelry business. It is amazing handcrafted jewelry and all made from wood and paper. Every time I wear the pieces she has made for me, I am flooded with compliments. If you are looking for unique jewelry for someone or yourself, this site is for you!

www.busybsbowtique.com - our cousin Sarah is making adorable bows through her new bow business. If you have a special little princess in your life who needs a fun, pretty bow for her little head, this is your site!

I hope this helps you with shopping ideas and boosts the business for some off my favorite girls.
(We also might get free products if you buy bling & bows. We love some bling and Anna always needs a bow!)


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Big Sister's Random Facts

One of the blogs I read posted random facts about herself, I shall do the same!!!
I only drink coke out of a plastic glass
If I'm in a restaurant that only has real glasses, I ask for a to-go cup.
I still tease my hair, and acknowledge that I am the only one under 58 that still does.(My mom does)
My eyes water when I am tired (I didn't notice until my friend Cindy told me).
I would rather eat out than at my home(which doesn't say anything bad about my cooking!!!!!).
My feet have grown 1/2 a size since having children.
I like to sleep late and my children don't. But that doesn't stop me from doing it!
I cannot potty train a child!!!!! But I can get them to sleep through the night!
I'm learning more about fractions now then I did when I was in school.

Hey girls check out this website. It has your local grocery ads and good coupons! You know us girls-SAVE,SAVE,SAVE!!!!!


Halloween Fun

Samuel was a clown, Anna was a Star City cheerleader, Daniel was a hobo and David was a sufer dude!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Going to God's Country

It’s rare that I decide to take the long trek home on a whim, but I am tired and loopy these days. Rand and the other guys are working all weekend out of town trying to get all their cotton to the gin before it closes for the year. He said the gin is now staying open just for them. Crunch time, for sure. Anyway, Jules has been in the Fort since Sunday for the state convention and is on her way back to her place with her crew today. Mama is just green with gitty that she can see both of us in the same week at her place. Aunt J emailed some pictures this morning from our cousin’s engagement party and I didn’t even recognize Mama in the picture. So sad, really. I guess I do need to get home and reintroduce myself! Well, I am jetting out of Memfrica after lunch tomorrow and will be anxious to see Mama, Aunt J, Licca Lou and the boys. Much work to be done until then. Pray that the tractor trailers don’t honk at me all the way down 40….I hate that more than anything. They see big hair and young legs and stick to my Maxima like glue. Oh, fun times ahead!


Saturday, November 3, 2007

What Happened to Tom?

Santa Claus is making his first appearance at the Wolfchase Mall this weekend in Memphis. Seriously, what happened to Tom the Turkey? Did he die and no one told us? I love Christmas, but I miss Thanksgiving. We rush to get Christmas started and it stresses people out, causes some people to spend more and it has caused Tom to disappear. I think if I had a baby, I would take it to see Santa this weekend in a turkey costume!
I know I am guilty of rushing it but I don't want society to make me rush it. Last year I made clay ornaments in August while playing a Point of Grace Christmas CD, but I did it in the privacy of my own home and subjected no one to it other than my mom and sister when I called them with my ornament updates. I did it because I wanted to and it brought me joy. Last weekend I wrapped the 20 presents I have bought so far because I was dying to use my large supply of new wrapping products from the big after Christmas sales this past January. I put them away in a closet after I wrapped them. I like celebrating because I want to and not because I feel panicked to do so.
I hate hearing the countdown to Christmas every morning on the radio. My heart speeds up and I get a bit sweaty thinking of all there is to do. Surely Jesus also gets a little upset about this new rush on Christmas because the focus is truly not on Him but rather the almighty dollar.
I remember not even thinking about Christmas presents, parties or decorations until the first of December. Growing up we never put our tree up until the second week of December and we always got our pick of the prettiest at the tree lot. That was only ten years ago! Last year Rand and I put the lights on our house the weekend before Thanksgiving (we didn't turn them on until after T-Day!). We have fallen into the trap but we try to balance it as best we can with all that we have on our plates this time of year. Harvest, duck season, living away from three of our four families, my annual cookie/ornament swap, and my annual baking all have a special place in that Thanksgiving to Christmas window. We pray for a right focus and I think we make it work. So, we may be just as guilty as the mall, but we miss Tom and try our best to give him the respect he deserves.


Friday, November 2, 2007

What A Week

We have done 5 full and tiring days of school. And had 4 nights of activities. Oh to rest!!! Samuel is learning to estimate in division and it is harder for him than I thought it would be. But I think he is beginning to pick it up. David and Daniel are doing really good in school. All three boys made 100's on their spelling tests today. Samuel had rebellious, accuracy, regrettable, and obedience.(those words also pretty well describe the kind of week we had!) Along with 24 other words. Next weeks words are even hard for me, I'm going to have to study over the weekend. And not just on spelling, but the metric system! I don't remember much about it, so this weekend my face will be in a math book. I don't have to do much studying for 1st grade, I have it down!!!
Anna is still rebelling in the potty-training department. We've done everything I know to do, and everything anyone has suggested(except sending her to daycare). Today-it is 3:00 when I am typing this-she has not had an accident yet. Which is good, considering by this time yesterday she had been through 4 pairs of panties and still had 7 hours before she made it to bed. No, we don't normally stay out that late, but it was the last football game of the season and it was out of town. Wednesday, of course was Halloween. The kids were so cute. Sam was a clown, Dave was a surfer dude, Daniel was a hobo, and Anna was a cheerleader. I'll have pictures soon.